Chicago’s new mayor Brandon Johnson has taken the helm of Chicago.  And it’s been quite the, ahem, show out there.  Check out how the gang bangers have reacted to Lightfoot leaving and Brandon coming into the mayor’s job.


Meanwhile, the hard-left commies behind Brandon have a plan.


First We Get the Money FINA… by Ann Dwyer

Included in this, besides tax hikes to chase many of the productive class out of the city, it describes at length defunding the police.

Folks, Chicago residents voted for this guy.  The least we can do is give him our support and cheer him on.

Buy your Let’s Go Brandon merch at Amazon, or any other vendor.  Wear or post them with pride.  Show people we wish him the best.

6 thoughts on “CHICAGO: Activism made easy – ‘Let’s go Brandon!’”
  1. Taken the helm, and steered right into the iceberg field. His first official act? Appoint three deputy mayors to spread around the grift.

    A ‘just Chicago’ would be a smoking hole that a few ICBMs just landed upon.

  2. Four years of Brandon and they can save their ICBM. Chicago black on black crime will be higher than the death toll from Civil War skirmishes. Commies will be everywhere including at the state capitol. Wait until illegals replace blacks in the voter rolls for Democrats.

    1. Chicago commies are already overrunning the statehouse, executive branch and the ISC. Illinois is doomed as a state unless we can find some way to divorce ourselves from that stinking pit on Lake Michigan.

      Illegals are overrunning America, under the other FJB. Mr. Potato Head makes far too much money from running Fentanyl and human trafficking across the border to ever secure it. Democrats are a criminal enterprise and a cult, rolled into one. They will be the death of this nation.

  3. FBJ! Screw em. And just in case I have to go I have armor and plenty of mags. And US Law Shield

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