Watch a couple of BATF agents trying to confiscate forced reset trigger from a guy involved in the gun industry.  He refuses to answer questions and tells them diplomatically to go pound sand.  From there, they talk a walk of shame and leave, but not before threatening to arrest him and prosecute him if he’s found in possession of one of these devices in the future.

Television worth watching, folks.  This guy handled them very well.  

7 thoughts on “VIDEO Shows ATF on forced reset trigger confiscation detail… agents walk away with bupkis”
  1. Um, so, like, just….. the other goof fidgets about with his stupid plate carrier and baseball cap. These are the example of the drones BATFE sends to harass gun owners? Where has professionalism in law enforcement gone? Why are these two goofs allowed to dress as if they are going to a backyard kegger? Twenty eight years in law enforcement, if these two worked for me their behavior, dress, and articulation would be a no-go.
    This nation has raised a generation of inarticulate, disrespectful, jokes. Um….so…like…just… go away.

  2. Oh, and lest I forget, BATFE is not “police” these agents should be required to wear patching identifying them as Federal Agent. Furthermore, where are the badges of office prominently displayed? Why is gear not being worn properly? What is with the sleeve on the arm, the beard and sunglasses? Young agent come here I will have a talk with you. The same goes for the sorority girl. You do not impress me!

  3. That punk on the left looks at lot more like an MS-13 gang banger than a cop. Of course these days, cops act more like gang-bangers and punks than police officers (see Normal PD as reference). As we all know, ATF agents are the dregs of Federal LEOs, those that aren’t good enough to qualify for FBI or other DOJ positions. ATF trolls the sewers for their hires – right up to their Director.

    Did he purchase his little POLICE rig from some other wannabe douchebag who spends most of his time running illegals across the southern border, or is that official ATF attire?

  4. The ATF has always been known as the bottom of the barrel when it comes to federal agencies. If they want to inform people of unconstitutional things they dream up that’s fine but when they expect people to hand over legally acquired property and threaten people with the “When we catch you/ if you have these blah blah blah” garbage then it’s time to tell them to kiss your ass and shut the door in their face.

  5. Am I seeing that the “lady” agent’s armor is a steel target plate used for range practice? The armor “plate” appears to have a circular top profile, and two rounded bosses (in the nipple areas) where the hanger bolts attach, just like a common steel hanging target.

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