The end of the spring legislative session is approaching fast and the gun grabbers in Springfield are busy.  Not content to get creamed in court over their precious gun ban law, they’re introducing some new measures.  Of course, they are using the famous “gut and replace” measures that we’re used to seeing and the same ones Tom DeVore is challenging in his lawsuit against the Illinois Gun Ban.

Here they are.

House Bill 218 would set up firearm manufacturers across America for nuisance lawsuits related to marketing their products.  Basically, it criminalizes free speech.  Yes, it’s likely to be struck down – eventually and at great expense.

House Bill 676 does a lot.

First, it allows county governments to effectively ban shooting ranges and the discharge of firearms on private property anywhere within almost 2/3rds of a mile (1000 yards) of any 3 residences.  The current law is 300 yards.

Secondly, it establishes all manner of regulation for Tannerite and similar products, to include a 10-year recordkeeping requirement for sellers…  and a requirement to have a FOID card to buy or possess the targets.  (So…  what happens when the FOID Act is struck down?)

Thirdly, it ends the ability for anyone subject to a Red Flag law or an order of protection from transferring their guns to a friend or family member with a FOID card.  Those guns MUST go to a law enforcement agency.

It also expands to people who can file for a gun-related restraining order to include bad Tinder and Grindr (or however you spell it) dates.

The proposal would also widen the people who can file for orders of protection and increase the restrictions to the respondents.

Again, it requires seizure of the guns for anyone subject to one of these orders.  

Folks, people are going to get killed over this, including cops.

Notwithstanding the issuance of a seizure
order under subparagraph (a-2), the respondent shall
be ordered to immediately surrender any firearms to
the appropriate law enforcement agency and prohibited
from transferring firearms to another individual in
lieu of surrender to law enforcement.

And, if passed, it takes effect July 1, 2023.

4 thoughts on “THEY’RE BACK WITH GUN SEIZURE BILL! Bills filed to set up gun manufacturers for lawsuits, mandated gun seizures”
  1. The longer the supremes don’t intercede. The more emboldened the crazies will become. Got an email from ISRA. About Filing witness slips against all this. I know, fat lot of good that does. Made me feel a tiny bit better. That and the day I may kiss this police state good bye.

    1. Witness slips are for wiping your ass on. There will be no relief in the Politburo. PICA was running about 10-1 against on slips, and it made no difference. They don’t care. This is a full-court press to disarm Illinoisans, and nothing but.

  2. If you want Civil War this is how you get it. If it gets that bad there aren’t enough state police officers to protect the members of the general assembly to say nothing of State officials.

  3. Right now, I haven’t seen much losing in court on the part of the state. In fact, I don’t see that the courts are worth much at all, since the state simply ignores rulings they don’t agree with. The whole process seems pretty worthless to me at this point. We aren’t winning shit.

    We are fast approaching forced registration, and you know damn good and well that confiscation comes directly afterwards.

    It’s time to start looking for homes outside this Godforsaken sewer. F_CK Illinois, its government and the courts. They are all USELESS.

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