We called it earlier today when we wrote “Kwame may appeal directly to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse this preliminary injunction…”  Sure enough.  Kwame the Klown (h/t to a commenter) filed a motion with the 7th Circuit this afternoon.

Nevermind that they are in recess until May 17th.

Nevermind that going around the district court judge has a much higher burden for the movant – in this case the State of Illinois – to succeed.

It’s getting good.

Unless something exceptional happens, it’s unlikely the 7th Circuit will have a panel assembled short of Thursday or Friday.

Anyway, you might have guessed that we’re picking over the Kwame’s latest pleading.  By the way, you can read it here…  all 54 pages.

Psst:  Don’t tell anyone, but we’re going to try to revisit some of the State’s arguments from the Naperville case and use them against Kwame in this setting.

10 thoughts on “Kwame goes to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, attempting to go around district judge”
  1. I think Klown may have gotten wind that his emergency request for a stay isn’t going anywhere with McGlynn, so he is going to roll the dice and try to get a gun-hater on the Seventh to play activist. He got lucky up north on a couple of cases, but I don’t think the arguments he made to McGlynn are going to be persuasive to the appellate, even if they choose to hear the stay motion at all.

    I see a real pattern of attempting to twist the clear intent of Bruen here. In short – WHAT PART OF THE FRIGGING SAFETY TEST BEING UNCONSITUTIONAL DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?

    “Because defendants are likely to prevail on the merits and because this outlier decision could cause serious and irreparable harm to the safety of Illinois residents during the pendency of this appeal”

    It’s like the decisions are written in a language that the morons can’t grok. They read it, and then just ignore the words and make up their own interpretation out of thin air. These lawyers should be disbarred for deceptive practices and wasting the courts’ time.

  2. OK – so now I have read the filing through from Kwame the Kapering Klown. This is nothing but the same regurgitated nonsense they filed in McGlynn’s court that he destroyed. It offers nothing new at all that I can see. It is as though they just changed their filing from District to Appellate, and wholly ignored McGlynn at all. I do not think this will be persuasive in any way. Lots of irrelevant verbiage in an attempt to obfuscate the real issue of constitutionality. McGlynn saw right through this crap, and so will the Seventh I believe. Claiming, for example, that the plaintiffs did not meet their burden for a stay is ludicrous. They offer no new evidence of this whatsoever from what was rejected by McGlynn.

    1. Your interpretation of Kwame’s 54 pages of spew is outstanding. When GSL first reported that Kwame was going to the 7th I worried he was trying to dodge McGlynn because he maybe had a corrupt connection or some JB bribe deal going on ILSC style. Now we know he’s just flat out of ideas and has no strategy for going forward.

  3. Mr Boch, On May 1 you put up the blog titled BOO HOO with the picture of a smiling Kwame Da Fool with a big steaming turd floating above his open hand. Turns out that’s the perfect optic of Kwame heading to the 7th with his 54 pages of toilet paper. Well done !!!!!

    1. Bill, The pile of poo needs to be on his head or maybe in his hand as if he is eating (slurping?) a pile of ice cream, with some dripping down his chin with that “poo-eating grin” smeared with it.
      Just my humble opinion.

  4. New member here: I am highly impressed with GSL, really on top of things! Gov “three chins” fat walrus will not prevail.

    1. Welcome Mark. You will get news about our gun rights here before anywhere else, with better analysis of what is going on at all levels. John is usually right on top of any new developments as soon as they come out.

  5. Law Tactical appealed directly to the USSC. Unlikely the court will interfere, interlocutory request. Justice Barrett required the City of Naperville to provide a brief of their position. This is known as a shot across the bow. I believe Judge Barrett is letting 7th Circuit Appeals, which she personally supervises, know she is watching. 7th Appeals should seriously cram for this Heller and NYRPA decisions.

    1. I think you are correct. I know the 7th Circuit gets Bruen. Their chief justice said that Bruen took the 2a from a 2nd class right to a “Supercharged” right.
      Granted there’s not a lot of substance behind Bevis’ filings/pleadings, still it should have merited more than a “we’re not going to touch that” from the 7th

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