About a decade ago, George Pradel, then mayor of Naperville contacted Law Weapons and invited us to move our thriving business to Naperville. 

We obliged and had since been a model business citizen, providing comprehensive services, including firearm sales, safety education and repair services to the greater Naperville community, even providing services to their police department as requested. 

Then in 2022, Naperville enacted an ordinance severely affecting Law Weapons and all American’s constitutional rights. Naperville did this preemptively with little thought to any benefit, harm, or even their own financial risk.

Law Weapons responded by filing a constitutional lawsuit against Naperville.  Despite what you may have heard, our case against Naperville is still alive.

The Appellate Court will soon critically examine Judge Kendall’s ruling and her massive failure to properly apply for Supreme Court precedent.There are at least two other instances where the Appellate Court has reversed Kendall on gun rights cases, and we expect no different outcome with our case.

Furthermore, we filed with the Supreme Court of the United States. Motions of this nature are usually denied right away, and the Court does not even consider intervening unless something is amiss.

But, Justice Barrett just called for responses from Naperville to Law Weapons’ motion. She must truly believe there are issues a valid   

On Friday, April 31, 2023, The Federal Court in the Southern District of Illinois issued an order granting an injunction against the States Protect Illinois Communities Act that bans American most popular firearms. 

The Naperville ban mimics that law, and the same legal principles apply to the Law Weapon case.  However, that ruling does not impact the City of Naperville and its gun ban ordinance.

Law Weapons can sell no firearm identified in its ordinance that, includes America’s most popular rifles, and accessories.

On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at 7PM

the City Council Meeting will be held at:

Naperville Municipal Center,

400 S. Eagle Street,Naperville, IL 60540.

Anyone, resident or not, can speak!

We are asking anyone, past and present customers, and all Americans that value and want to protect our Second Amendment rights, to go to this meeting and speak to the city council. 

By adding your voice to this meeting. The citizens of Naperville spoke during our last municipal election and elected a new Mayor and council members; they need to hear your support for suspending this ordinance and how it will harm Naperville and is assaulting American freedoms.





While the cost burden on Law Weapons has been massive, we continue to fight for you.  This was made possible only because of your support as customers, benefactors, legal experts,and believers in the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We intend to make Naperville acutely aware of the true costs of their enacting this poorly considered ordinance so we may continue to serve you.

We remain committed to vigorously fighting this ordinance to protect your rights. We appreciate your business and loyalty, apologize for any inconvenience, and look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Law Weapons and The Bevis Family



7 thoughts on “CALLING ALL PATRIOTS: Come out and attend Naperville’s City Council Meeting Tuesday, May 2nd!”
  1. So Naperville is no longer in the State of Illinois? I hope we get this piecemeal crapola resolved soon. That a village can pass this sort of unconstitutional garbage at all is ridiculous. Gun rights are the FEDERAL law of the land as defined by the Constitution. No city, county or state has any real legal standing to restrict ANY gun right.

    1. Not worth the two and a half hour drive for me, maybe I can send them an email.

  2. The residents of Naperville should turn out en masse and be outraged that a long term, law abiding, tax paying business is being discriminated against because of their views on a Constitutional right. Unfortunately the mental illness known as liberalism has taken hold in the town.

  3. As I have said before. We no longer are governed by a representative government. More likely we are ruled by an empirical tyrannical regime. Stay frosty my sisters and brothers.

  4. I will be there tonight on behalf of GSL. We’ll see what happens here. Can someone please bring me some popcorn?

    1. J C, looking forward to an after-action report, hope all goes well for our Constitution, God Bless and keep safe in “libby-land”!

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