There’s an old expression:  you can’t fix stupid.  But alas, it can be fixed in a host of ways, including the judicious application of ballistic therapy when circumstances justify it.  Like in Phoenix where an intruder forced his way into a home at dinner hour last Sunday.

Maybe if he had gone to church that Sunday morning, he would have had other things to do with his time before acting like a…  home intruder that evening.  He broke in, made threats and aggressively advanced on the homeowner in a third-floor bedroom.

Whereupon Mr. Homeowner burned him down.

From the Arizona Republic:

Phoenix police are investigating a home invasion that resulted in the fatal shooting of the intruder.

According to police, just before 6:30 p.m. Sunday, April 9, officers responded to the area of 7th and Portland streets for reports of a shooting at a home. Upon arrival, officers located a man suffering a gunshot wound in the third-story bedroom of the house. He did not survive.

Police say early information suggests that the man had unlawfully entered the residence, made threats and aggressively approached the homeowner. The homeowner then shot the man before calling police and remained on scene.

Someone had to have been pretty darn stupid to break into a home in Arizona, one of the most gun-friendly states in America.  Then, to make matters worse, to scream threats and advance on the homeowner…  on the third floor!  Yeah, that’s felony stupid right there.  And the homeowner fixed it, for good.

Good riddance.

3 thoughts on “STUPID, FIXED: Phoenix home intruder shot in third-floor bedroom. He didn’t survive.”
  1. Home invading, burglaries in Phoenix reduced by a factor of at least one. Good riddance, whittle the criminals down enough the rest might change professions.

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