Greg Bishop talked about yesterday’s federal court hearing in the Southern District of Illinois on his radio show this morning.  It’s definitely worth the time to watch.  Included are not only Bishop’s down-the-middle commentary, but also clips of an interview with Thomas Maag.  And Todd Vandermyde.

In fact, Thomas Maag commented that the Illinois AG’s argument is that the legislature can do what they want.  And that the legislature is not bound by the Constitution.  “This is the will of the people” was something repeated over and over by the AG’s attorney.

Todd says, we “have a judge who understands firearms.”







3 thoughts on “Another hot take on yesterday’s federal court hearing on the Gun Ban”
  1. Not bound by the Constitution? Don’t they all swear an oath to defend it?

    I thought the same thing, and its a loser of an argument for the State. I doubt this judge will find it persuasive in any manner, given his questioning. These politicians seems to be unable to grasp the concept that the US Constitution is a limit on GOVERNMENT power over its citizens. The Bill of Rights does not grant rights to its citizens – it affirms the God given rights that are inherent in ALL men. It warns the government against any sort of interference in those rights. This was a massive overstep of governmental authority, and I hope that if it is decided in our favor, it will be the opening salvo in removing government interference in our rights across the nation.

  2. Tyrants recognize their own authority and soften their edicts as the will of the people. How magnanimous of the State of Illinois legislature to care for Illinois communities to such a degree ! I enjoyed the drubbing the State received. My favorite moment was Judge McGlynn posing a person can carry as many spare 15 round magazines as they wish, how does the capacity ban matter ? The AG’s lackey had no answer. Life is hard, it is harder when one is stupid.

  3. How many people has Kim Foxx charged for violating the new law? Do not try to tell me the criminal element of Cook county has put down all the semi auto rifles and pistols that use magazines with a capacity over 15 for revolvers and break barrel shotguns.

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