On Saturday, we reported on Thomas Maag’s court win from March enjoining the Illinois State Police from suspending the FOID cards of those arrested in Illinois.  We warned Pritzker and his gun hating buddies that if they keep poking the bear, we’re going to take a wrecking ball to the Land of Lincoln’s gun control schemes.

They didn’t listen.  

And their world is crumbling.

Greg Bishop from The Center Square and host of Springfield’s highest rated morning radio show covered the story, giving us heaps of credit on Monday morning…  Along with reporting on Pritzker’s move to block DeVore from continuing his discovery in his own cases.

  Later on Monday, Bishop spoke to Mr. Maag and brought this to his listeners on Tuesday morning.

And over at the Center Square, they reported it as well:

Judge: Illinois can’t suspend FOID cards of people charged, not convicted of felonies
State’s request for appeal extension granted with deadline April 12

(The Center Square) – The state of Illinois has been given an extension to the deadline it has to file an appeal of a circuit court’s ruling in a case over when the state can suspend someone’s Firearm Owner ID Card.

Attorney Thomas Maag said his clients Aaron and Charles Davis were celebrating Independence Day years ago and fired guns into the ground at their home. Police came and arrested them on felony charges and their FOID cards were then suspended.

“That’s just not right, and in this country we are innocent until proven guilty,” Maag told The Center Square.

Of course the mainstream media is covering this news with a pillow.  Until it stops moving.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Media outlets pick up on story of court ruling blocking ISP from suspending FOIDs over arrests…”
  1. The FOID act is clearly unconstitutional but the biased bribed fraud we call the Illinois Supreme Court keeps kicking cases back to lower courts and is doing all they can to avoid ruling in favor of the Constitution and the law abiding. Doing so would anger their Commiecrat liberal filth handlers.

  2. The FOID is an unnecessary impediment upon Second Amendment rights. It will have to be destroyed on that basis at the Federal level. There will be no relief so long as Pritzker’s Puta’s wear the robe.

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