So leave it to Governor JB Pritzker to offer his flawed thoughts on the Second Amendment.  First, he claims without citing any evidence in support of it that there are “limits” to the Second Amendment.  No, we aren’t talking about grenade-launching machine guns either.  Not only that, but towards the end of this clip he mentions that a lot of the “young people” interested in securing guns for self-defense “are in need of mental health treatment.”

Maybe he meant if you’re a gang member (reminder, it’s GANG violence, not gun violence), you need mental health and substance abuse treatment.

Or maybe he just thinks that any young person who embraces his or her right to keep and bear arms is nuts and needs “mental health treatement.”  Re-education might more accurately describe with Pritzker has in mind.

How quaint.  Bless his heart.



7 thoughts on “Pritzker: There are ‘LIMITS’ to Second Amendment; Many young people interested in guns ‘are in need of mental health treatment’”
  1. This bloated pompous ass thinks he’s Kim Jong Un and “shows his view ” on the subject so that makes it final and we all need to except it. It’s truly nauseating watching some morbidly obese slob that never accomplished anything without mommy and daddies money and influence think he’s far smarter and better than everyone. Leave it to the drooling imbecile sheep of Illinois to vote for someone who looks down at the people and treats everyone like a child he needs to enlighten.

    1. Unfortunately, Chicago’s communism washes over the rest of us. If their leftist garbage stayed in Chicago, I would be fine with it. It could become the Midwest Mecca for America hating locusts.

      There will never be a reconciliation with this vile trash. It is time to divide the country forever, and plaster these diseased vermin back into their urban nests once and for all. America is about freedom. If you hate that, then move to your nearest urban center, and begone from our presence. I am sick of these creatures, and want nothing more to do with them or their ilk.

  2. Please point me to those limits in the Constitution, Fat Ass. I’ll wait.

  3. You can expect this from someone who assumes the role of Patrician. These are usually the rich who never amassed a fortune from labor, but usually inherited it. JaBa, like his Socialist Democrat minions, believe that only they have the wisdom and foresight to lead the poor wrecks who labor daily and are far too dumb to understand the nuances of living in a republic. And he still Illinois is not losing population.

  4. Didn’t bother listening to it. The less I hear from the Fat Tard, the better.
    Of course, he thinks that youth who want to lop off their sex organs (ala “Jennifer” Prickster) have no mental issue.
    That crap is funded by the Prickster fortunes.

  5. JB Pritzker is the one that’s mentally ill. But that’s what happens when you haven’t worked a day in your life.

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