Chicago’s violent crime continues to permeate every corner of Murder City USA, even the formerly nicer parts of town. Remarkably, Chicagoland’s leadership welcomes the idea that the affluent parts of the city now get a sampling of gunfire and carjackings too. Now that there’s a mayor’s race heating up, innocent people continue to find themselves victimized by bullies and crooks. This time it’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s campaign which claims, “she’s put more police on the streets.”


“Lightfoot won’t quit until we’re the safest big city in America.”

Or until voters get sick of all of the crime, violence and killing while government services continue to decline as taxes, fees and regulation continue to rise.

Wirepoints cuts through the hype and make-believe in Lightfoot’s bogus claims to point out the simple truth that police “on the streets” are down almost 20% under her first four years at the helm.  Read the whole thing, but here’s the bottom line in terms of cops on the street.

While the residents of Chicago has almost 20% fewer cops assigned the the districts across Chicago, Lightfoot still maintains a 90-person strong protective detail for herself and her family

And we believe her Logan Square home is in CPD District 14, which unlike all but one other district in the city, didn’t see a double-digit decline in the number of officers assigned.

Overall though, Chicago is already the wild west. Another 20% decline in the number of officers “on the street?” No bueno for the good people trying to live and work there while raising a family.

So in Lori Lightfoot’s worldview, “Cops for me, but not for thee.”

And don’t buy a gun or reach for one when bad guys approach. Instead, call 911…  (and wait…)

Because guns are icky.

Block Club Chicago has that story.

Chicago Police were overwhelmed this weekend as people called 911 by the thousands in response to looting, vandalism and shootings across the city — but city leaders urged residents to remain calm…

“The Police Department was responding to these calls as best they could with a significant amount of additional resources on the South and the West sides,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said during a Monday press conference. “The challenge was it was everywhere. Everywhere.

“So if we had a police department three times the size it would have been difficult to keep up with the calls for service yesterday…”

The city’s 911 dispatchers fielded 65,000 calls for service Sunday — at times getting 1,000-2,000 calls every 30 minutes, Lightfoot said.

Lightfoot urged people to keep calling 911 — and not open fire on people.

“Obviously we’re aware of the fact that Illinois is a concealed carry state,” Lightfoot said. “Do not take matters into your own hands. Call the police.

“We’ve seen tragedy happen in this country, and recently, when people felt like they could take matters into their own hands. … Let me remind you of the killing of Mr. [Ahamud] Arbery. Do not pick up arms and try to be the police. If there’s a problem, call 911. We will respond. But I urge people to show restraint and do not take matters into your own hands.”



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  1. Lightfoot is queen of the damned. If they re-elect her, then they (the blacks) deserve what they get… good and hard.

  2. Lori Lightfoot couldn’t tell the truth if her hair was on fire. But she has a big dick. The biggest dick in all of Chicago. That should tell you all you need to know.
    I’ve shit better turds than her.

  3. “Lightfoot won’t quit until we’re the safest big city in America.” …for her criminal constituents! Does she get a percentage of the theft proceeds like “the big guy” Joey demento at 10%?

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