If you’re a serious bad dude wanted for the murder of your girlfriend and you lead police on a hot pursuit, that might not be a good time to present a firearm when cops finally do get your car stopped. At least in Elk Grove California, they will light you up. The good news is that cops there can’t shoot very well, missing with almost all of their shots.

Of course, that’s not good news for residents downrange from all that gunfire.

The cops in Elk Grove fired upwards of thirty rounds at this suspect, hitting him only three times. Turns out Mr. Murder Suspect’s “gun” was an airsoft special. At this point, Devian Lewis is either counting his lucky stars that he’s alive or he’s cussing those cops for their poor marksmanship (as presenting a fake gun at cops is a tried and true “suicide by cop” technique).

This video should serve as a textbook example of why you don’t want to stick around and gawk if you see a real-life police chase. Bad guys shoot from their car, and cops shoot from their squads. When the chase ends, gunfire isn’t unheard of and in cases like the above, there are a lot of rounds missing their intended mark.

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  1. Nothing beats a load or two of buckshot for ending threats decisively. That and a dash of using sights instead of just blasting away

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