Poor Kwame Raoul.  A couple of weeks ago he had 450 attorneys working for him at the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Then he lost one early last week and two more quit Friday. Look like they’re down to 447. It’s a good start.  

Tom DeVore is expected to file a second lawsuit in state court later today or tomorrow with a fresh new batch of plaintiffs in another challenge to Governor JB Pritzker’s new gun and magazine ban. We at GSL welcome the new filing because it will help give us additional intel on how the state plans to defend the lawsuit since Illinois AG’s sad, junior varsity legal defense of only half of the defendants worked so well last week(SPOILER ALERT:  Kwame’s peeps lost.)

Mr. DeVore has reportedly granted permission for an attorney in Macon County to use much of his work to draft and file a new complaint in Macon County using the same primary ingredients.  

State Representative Dan Caulkins is spearheading this effort. If you would like to be a named plaintiff in this “as applied” lawsuit (meaning if the court grants a temporary restraining order, you would suddenly find yourself exempt from enforcement of this new law), contact him. (If the link fails: Dan@DanCaulkins.com) You can drop off a donation to help facilitate this to become a named plaintiff. The recommended donation is $200, but if you can’t afford that, they’ll accept less. If you’re fortunate and can afford more, please do help out with something over $200.

For more on this, catch his video at Facebook.

Clearly Tom DeVore’s got a winning recipe for some outstanding fried chicken litigation blocking the unconstitutional new gun ban law. Kudos to Mr. DeVore for sharing the proprietary recipe with others.


This legal challenge has nothing to do with the Illinois Gun Rights Alliance legal actions to which Guns Save Life is a party.  We expect our lawsuit in federal court to be filed later this week.  We’ll (obviously) announce it once it happens.  

8 thoughts on “Macon County Lawsuit coming, Plaintiffs Wanted: Voluntary donations to join in this one”
  1. Do you have to live in Macon County to join the lawsuit? I am considering doing so as I live close by (but not in) Macon.

    1. Good question, I live in Scott County, a couple Counties west of Macon County. I would like to be involved in this lawsuit, especially one involving the FOID card requirement. I have had a real hate for that card since I got home from Vietnam and found out I couldn’t go quail hunting with my Dad. I couldn’t believe while fighting for freedom in Vietnam I lost my freedom in my home state of Illinois.

    1. No, Chuck. It will be filed in Macon County. Plaintiffs can come from anywhere in Illinois (or even outside of Illinois I believe).

  2. I sent Dan an e-mail last night about joining in and asking how he wants me to donate to the effort. Haven’t heard back yet, but if I do I will post here for all who are interested.

  3. Follow up from Dan on this one. E-Mail him at dan@dancaulkins.com and ask to join the lawsuit. He responded:
    I have added your name.
    Donations can be mailed to :
    Committee to Elect Caulkins
    715 West Imboden Drive
    Decatur, IL 62521
    Please join if you can.

  4. Bad news. I just saw the filing and there are only two people named as actual plaintiffs. There is a listing of people who “joined” the lawsuit and are a part of an association on page 31, but that is not legally binding. In order to benefit from any ruling or TRO resulting from this lawsuit, you need to actually be named as a plaintiff on the front page. Looks like this was done incorrectly. I hope Dan and his team can correct this so that each of those names can be properly added as actual plaintiffs.

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