‘Bazooka Tom’ DeVore’s kicking butt and chewing bubblegum. And the bad news for Pritzker and Kwame? Tom’s outta bubble gum. This after filing another suit in White County today with…  drumroll please… 1690 plaintiffs from 92 counties.  Among those are 62 gun shops.

Remember this from last week’s story TISSUE PLEASE: IL AG has a bad day at emergency hearing in Effingham County… decision due Friday on TRO?

Maybe Kwame couldn’t get enough of his staff to break away from their work-from-home offices. Clearly the ones working in Chicago sure as Hades didn’t want to make the trip to Effingham.  “You want me to go where?  Why that’s way down in hillbilly country!” they might have told their boss Kwame. “They probably don’t have even indoor plumbing there!”

This time it’s in White County. Giggle.

Let’s me crystalize that for you in simpler terms. That’s a FIVE HOUR drive from the Attorney General’s Office in Chicago where most of Kwame’s clown car posse like to call “the office.”  That means for an 9:30 hearing, the AG’s peeps would have to leave around, oh, 3:30a.m. to make sure they arrive on time. Maybe 2:30am to catch some breakfast. And maybe time to fill up with gas! LOL. SUCKS TO BE THEM.

So, given the great difficulty Kwame had finding four attorneys in his office to go down to Effingham last week, what’s your call on this week in White County? Will Pritzker’s pal Kwame Raoul, master of epic failures in court, send another junior varsity team? Or will he pay some lawyers with some competence to represent the State of Illinois? Or better yet, giggle softly, will Kwame deign the court with his own presence to argue the case?

Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

Here’s the latest complaint.  Notice who is at the top of the plaintiff list…  LOL.

Poor Pritzker. Poor Kwame. Poor Chris Welch. Poor Donnie Harmon.

I’d offer to send Tom some more Bazooka bubble gum, but after about 1700 plaintiffs, I think he can afford his own.

Way to go Bazooka Tom.  You’re a rock star.

14 thoughts on “‘Bazooka Tom’ DeVore hammers Pritzker with another suit in White County… Guess how many plaintiffs!”
  1. Wow lets see 1690 x 200….that’s $$$$338400.00 yeah I’d be smiling as well….wondering what’s GSL’S cut???


    you are all just as worthless as the FAT BASTARG meatball how much to sell yourself out??? 338400.00!!!

    1. Moron. If you knew anything, you’d know that GSL isn’t part of this, and is making nothing from it. Why don’t you get educated before posting uninformed crap?

    2. GSL cut? Doubt there’s an undisclosed relationship there. Boch’s usually pretty open about things. Lawyers gotta eat too. Lol.

    3. What’s GSL’s “cut”? He didn’t even return my email ahead of his first lawsuit asking him for some details. He still hasn’t contacted me. That’s okay though.
      So no, there is no “cut.” Heck, I’m not sure he’s even a member. (He should be though!)

      ‘WE DEMAND’? Who is this “We” Kemosabe?
      Who’s making money? Well, it surely looks like Tom DeVore.

      How much is GSL making on this? GSL’s spending tens of thousands of dollars on it. How much are you doing, Joe?
      Are you just sitting on your ass, pounding away attacks on your allies using your keyboard? How much time and money have you put into this? Because from these nosebleed seats, it surely sorta looks like you’re a keyboard commando. I hope we would be pleasantly surprised to hear of your activism educating those around you (constructively instead of attacking the good guys), donating time and treasure to our legal battles (which have already started… we’ve got a whole team of the very best lawyers – three teams, actually) and are doing other things to promote our right to defend ourselves (which ultimately the other side’s goal is to strip us of any right to self-defense, first by disarming us of our guns, then knives, then debarring us any self-defense).

    4. It’s a bigger cash grab than that. (1,690+866)*200=511,200
      You forgot his haul on the first lawsuit.

      As far as GSL taking a “cut”? You’re full of it. John’s earlier post alluded to this smelling like a cash grab, and called the guy out for only filing on behalf of those paying him rather than seeking relief for all of us. Not GSL’s fault that a whole bunch of folks bought in on a limited, temporary fix based upon procedural arguments …

  2. Maybe Jumbo will send his private jet to ferry the attorneys there. After all, he has to save face somehow.

  3. Tom’s success is going to spur more of these lawsuits from other attorneys seeking a quick payday. Which is fine I guess. Kwame might actually have to do some work.

  4. Lets see; people are paying $200 each just to watch a Fat man squirm. Sounds like a Bargain to me !!!!!!!

  5. Wow look at at all the roaches that started running when the lights came on I don’t care how you spin it Douchebag DeVore could have represented all of Illinois instead of whoever is willing to pay up your no better than the pay for play meatball that we have as governor… looks like Douchebag DeVore is paying for trolls as well
    Guess what Douchebag DeVore I’m not giving up my guns or my information and I’m not asking you for my rights. Go burn in hell.

  6. The federal law suit has been filed. All this bashing of GSL and Devore accomplishes nothing. The law suit Devore filed was about the manner in which legislation is passed in Illinois. It only covered those people who paid, yes. But it gives credence to all the other lawsuits. So everyone, please take a deep breath.

    1. Hay Bob howz that DeVore dich taste in your mouth
      …so Bobbie you think if I become a worthless DeVore whore.. like you…and beg and plead I will be lucky enough to receive a 30round scrap magazine from the Douchebag’s table???? Please please help me!!!

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