Tom DeVore won a temporary restraining order blocking enforcement of Pritzker’s new gun ban last Friday.  Now, on Saturday, he’s seeking a new crop of plaintiffs and asking for a $200 buy-in, or “fee.”  Same as before.  

Judging by the verbiage on DeVore’s website, it surely looks like he wants to file on Monday or perhaps Tuesday at the latest.  

Have at it if you’re interested.

I’m fully supportive of this not because I’m wanting to help Tom make some more money.  I like DeVore but I’m a dash salty that he’s not including everyone.  It smells a bit like a money grab, but he’s got a recipe that works, so why not open another front on this war against Pritzker and crew.

What really has me excited – and should have you equally thrilled as well – is a couple of steps down the road. 

Frankly, I’m almost ebullient beyond measure because no doubt Tom’s going to ask for a new Emergency Hearing on this matter.  Think of it as Groundhog Day 2.0.

Obviously the amateur-hour, half-assed pleadings of two of Kwame Raoul’s legal team (should we call them the Washington Wizards?) failed to come close to swaying a judge in Effingham County.  

(Read the transcript here…  defending the indefensible is genuinely difficult, I’ll admit to that).

What I want to hear is their arguments 2.0.  And if these clowns can muster four attorneys of 449 or so in his office (my wife said one quit last week).

Obviously the first go-round was an epic failure. 

Mr. DeVore’s saving us money and helping us on our coming lawsuit.  We’re watching the state’s arguments and rebuttals carefully to make our pleading from the Illinois Gun Rights Alliance even more challenging for Kwame’s crew.  

Think of us as the BORG for the good guys.

9 thoughts on “Tom Devore Soliciting Plaintiffs For New ‘As Applied’ lawsuit… $200 buy-in… providing valuable lessons for us!”
  1. This guy is a peace of shith he thinks this is going to end well for him hell end up burning in hell this asshat will not get my money and that fat bastard meatball will NEVER get my info or guns

    1. It’s your choice to donate or not, if you just want to sit back and not do anything but complain online, then do that.

    1. You grand standing dumbass have no idea how much I HAVE GIVEN for freedom and for this country for this POS lowlife to say give me 200 and I’ll get you your rights back has no place in this country this shith ball is no better than the fat bastard meatball… my rights that we fought for, that so many have died for are NOT for sale, we NEVER asked for Anything when we made the sacrifices to this country we gave far more than a few thousand dollars for a legal bill you go burn in hell with that son of a bitck that’s exploiting the oneswho reall need their guns

  2. I don’t blame Devore for anything. Look how many firearm fans just want to sit back, not donate to the cause, let everyone else fight for them without doing nothing but complaining. People should put their money where their mouth is.

  3. I just got wind of this from the wife that saw it on Facebook. Almost signed up until I read this. I think I’ll just wait a week or three. It’s not like there’s a big hurry. (And I already donated to FFL-IL at GSL’s recommendation). Keep up the good work John & crew!

  4. $200 is a drop in the bucket compared to what POLITICIANS (Mostly Democrats) are spending for GUN CONTROL, and it’s OUR MONEY they are spending! If our forefathers could give their blood for our freedom (And it could come to that AGAIN), a little of our sweat equity is NOTHING!! Dictatorships start by gaining popularity and then slowly take freedom away. (Kinda like a little man in Germany) said he would give them this if they would give up that. The first thing he did was take away their guns. They could NOT fight back!!! Take a look at Ukraine, when Russia aggressed on them and invaded their country, they took up the arms that they had and fought a much larger well-armed enemy and by all accounts are whipping their A**! What did ADMIRAL ISOROKU YAMAMOTO say “You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a RIFLE behind each blade of grass.”

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