Dramatic police bodycam video from Baltimore shows a police officer running up to save a woman from an “anti-violence activist” trying to stab her with a knife. The officer, identified as Zachary Rutherford, fired multiple shots to stop the attack.

After the incident, the Baltimore Sun painted the attacker, Tyree Moorehead, as a victim of police violence and the local NAACP want answers. None of the mainstream media lauded the officer’s actions to rescue a woman who was under attack by a knife-wielding lunatic.

Others criticized the officer for firing so many times.  However, the suspect still held the knife after soaking up all of the rounds.  In fact, as you can see from the screen capture above, he held that knife with continued murderous intent.  It’s hard as a reasonable person to give the knife-wielding man any benefit of the doubt given his actions moments before coupled with his continued firm command of a deadly weapon.

The local newspaper’s pro-bad guy reporting probably shouldn’t surprise anyone given how Baltimore’s mayor reacted to rioting in 2015 over another death attributed to police with the famous quote, “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”  Really.  From CBS News . . .

But when one reporter asked to comment on how Baltimore police responded to the protestors she said she instructed officers to allow protestors to express themselves and that “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

The narrative from the video on YouTube describes the incident rather vividly . . .

Baltimore, Maryland — On November 6, 2022, at approximately 3:40 p.m., officers responded to a call for a man (Tyree Moorehead), armed with a knife, assaulting a woman on the ground near the intersection of West Lafayette Avenue and North Fulton Avenue. The video shows the officer, identified as Zachary Rutherford, pulling up to the scene in West Baltimore, where he sees Moorehead on top of a woman and holding a large butcher knife at her head. Rutherford screams “drop the knife” but Moorehead continues to straddle the woman on the pavement. Rutherford then fires his weapon multiple times at close range.

As Rutherford fires his weapons [sic], the woman rolls away to safety. She was not shot or stabbed, police said. A second video from another officer, Officer trainee Michael Hazel, shows officers rendering medical aid to Moorehead. He was taken to the University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center, where he later died. Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Michael Harrison said the attack appeared to be random. The woman said she was running errands when she was attacked by Moorehead around 3:30 p.m. Thursday in the 1800 block of Lafayette Avenue. Tyree Moorehead, was the creator of the city’s “no shoot zones.” As an activist, he spray-painted that message across the face of Baltimore—from block to block and from neighborhood to neighborhood.


Despite the obvious facts available for all to see, The Baltimore Sun anointed Mr. Moorehead with “victimhood” status. They painted him as a local hero who was shot down in the prime of his life in yet another act of senseless police violence.

Tyree Moorehead became well known in Baltimore for his anti-violence activism, using spray paint to mark “No Shoot Zones” at shooting and homicide scenes across the city.

During a yearslong effort to quell the pervasive violence plaguing his community, Moorehead often spoke publicly about his personal experiences, including in social media posts and interviews about moving forward after surviving gunshot wounds himself.

But on Sunday afternoon, his life ended in another act of violence.

Three paragraphs in and no mention that he was attacking a woman on the street with a large knife…and failing to comply with orders to stop from police.

But wait, there’s more! The local NAACP branch demanded to know if the cop used excessive force. The fact that the suspect didn’t cease movement or drop the knife until the officer’s gun went to slide lock seems to suggest a potential threat remained.

From CBS News . . .

The Baltimore branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People wants to know whether a Baltimore police officer used excessive force when he shot and killed a man in Sandtown-Winchester on Sunday, according to NAACP staff.

The civil rights organization said in a press statement on Wednesday that its staff members had begun gathering information on the shooting of Tyree Moorehead after it was contacted by several members of the community who had concerns about the shooting.

Moorehead was shot by Baltimore police officer Zachary Rutherford on Sunday. Police say that he was wielding a knife and assaulting a woman at the time of the shooting.

We wish the best for Baltimore Officer Rutherford and hope he recovers from the trauma of having to take a life, even when it’s done righteously. Hopefully he won’t be thrown under the bus by Baltimore politicians as a result of what happened.

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  1. Ouch. The cop did shoot that guy a lot. But he had it coming. Too many times? Eh. The law doesn’t demand perfection, but reasonableness. Or so they tell me. And continuing to shoot this guy who still had his knife seems more than reasonable given what happened moments before.

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