Gun control disarms victims, not criminals.  And gun free zones only apply to the law-abiding among us.

Yet, despite those simple truths, a virtue-signaling contingent among the City of Naperville leadership wants to “do something” following the Highland Park massacre.  Instead of targeting criminals or Antifa-wannabes to make families safer, the Naperville City Attorney and some city council members think that gun control will somehow keep people safer in their community.    Nevermind how even more gun control in Highland Park didn’t save a soul during that domestic terror attack by a social misfit Democrat Socialist of America fan.

Oh, and nevermind how all of Cook County/Chicago’s gun control did little to keep 92 people from getting shot and wounded in Chicago over the extended Independence Day Holiday weekend in Chicago…  or the 15 who were killed.

Yes, despite all that, Naperville will call a proposed bill for action at Tuesday night’s meeting at the City Council Meeting.  Here’s a draft of the proposed ordinance.  (It may be tweaked between now and then, just so you know).

Note:  In the recitals, they list a number of mass public shootings.  First off, mass public shootings aren’t an uniquely American thing, despite what our dementia-addled President Biden says.  

Read this story from Breitbart and take some notes:

A study from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) shows that the United States ranks 64th in the per capita frequency on the list of countries that witnessed mass shootings from 1998 to 2015.

The study also found that while the U.S. constitutes 4.6 percent of the world’s population, “it makes up less than 1.15 percent of the mass public shooters” and less than 1.5 percent of their murders.

CPRC used the study’s summary to explain: “Over the 18 years from 1998 to 2015, our list contains 2,354 attacks and at least 4,880 shooters outside the United States and 53 attacks and 57 shooters within our country. … Attacks in the US are not only less frequent than other countries, they are also much less deadly on average.”

It added, “Out of the 97 countries where we have identified mass public shootings occurring, the United States ranks 64th in the per capita frequency of these attacks and 65th in the murder rate.”

CPRC also notes that attacks in the U.S. are on the decline, that “there has been a much bigger increase over time in the number and severity of mass shootings in the rest of the world compared to the US.”

The CPRC’s findings on the number of mass shootings in America run completely counter to the mantra of the establishment media, Hollywood elites, and various gun control activists, but they are in line with academic research that seeks to present an unpoliticized view of the world.

Secondly, let’s look at the list of recitals.

  1.  Gun Free Zone.
  2.  Uvalde:  Gun Free Zone by School Board policy, despite Texas state law that allowed for licensed school staff to be armed in schools.
  3.  Not a gun free zone, but New York State has some of strictest gun laws in the nation and the killer admitted that he targeted the Buffalo store because of the minimal likelihood of facing armed resistance.
  4. Unknown.
  5. The Henry Pratt company was posted “no guns” by signage on the door.  The killer was issued a FOID by the Illinois State Police despite serving a prison sentence in Alabama.  And ISP approved a gun purchase where he bought a pistol.  THEN the ISP failed to seize the pistol after being made aware of their screwups.
  6. Gun Free Zone…  the synagogue’s rabbi forbade members from carrying.
  7. Gun Free Zone…  and their school resource officer hid under a stairwell during the attack instead of engaging the killer – who was known to police and should have been (if he wasn’t already) a prohibited person.
  8. The attack ended when a good guy heard shooting from a block away and engaged the killer.
  9. Nobody knows… supposedly.
  10. The Pulse Nightclub was another Gun Free Zone under Florida law.  (Armed gays don’t get bashed.)  Naperville cites a Muslim terror attack on American soil as a reason to block the sale of life-saving firearms in their city.  How ironic is that?  So American government agencies couldn’t protect our residents, but other government agencies want to cite it as a reason further restrict the right of law-abiding Americans to buy guns to protect their homes, families and children?
  11. Another Muslim terror attack on American soil.  So American government agencies couldn’t protect our residents, but other government agencies want to cite it as a reason to further restrict the right of law-abiding Americans to buy guns to protect their homes, families and children?  That’s a special kind of stupid or a dedicated tyrant.
  12. Gun Free Zone.  Committed by a social misfit who murdered his mother and stole her gun(s).
  13. No municipality is exempt, yes.  But municipalities who have more gun control (hence cutting down on the numbers of good guys with guns) tend to have more of them.  Look no further than Murder City USA…  CHICAGO!

Skipping forward to #16:  Whoever researched this failed.   And #17:  Those lawsuits were pre-Heller, McDonald and Bruen.




City Council Meeting


The City Council is comprised of the Mayor and eight Council members elected at large. View the July 19 agenda: https://naperville.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=958281&GUID=917C199C-73C8-4777-80B7-CA039EF0B5FA&Options=info|&Search=

Add to Calendar

Council Chambers, Municipal Center
400 S. Eagle St.
Naperville, IL 60540
Mayor’s Office, (630) 420-6018

Here’s the deal:  Attend.  Even if you can’t speak.  Don’t disrupt the meeting, but wear your IGOLD t-shirt, your NRA hat or maybe even bring in a folded sign with a short, home-made message.  (No sticks…)  Something like these messages…

“Armed Blacks don’t get oppressed” is the message partially obscured.

But first, to speak, you’ll need to SIGN UP ONLINE HERE ahead of the meeting.

You’ll have three minutes.  If you’re a resident of Naperville or work in that city, they will give your comments greater weight that someone like me travelling from Bloomington or someone else coming from Milwaukee or Kenosha (unless your last name is Rittenhouse…).

KEEP YOUR COMMENTS SHORT, PITHY & TO THE POINT.  Don’t get hung up on what sorts of guns will be banned or how hunting shotguns will be banned or this or that pistol.  They couldn’t care less.  In their minds, all guns are baaaadddddd…

Instead, talk about your opposition to racist, classist and sexist gun control schemes.  Talk about how guns protect children.  Guns protect families.   

And how the progressive thing to do would be to support liberty by opposing gun-laws and other government control schemes.  “We need to progress toward a future of freedom not a system that reenacts past tyrannies.”

Why are leftists so anti-freedom?

Read this piece right here at Guns Save Life by the former John Ross.  He gave us permission to run with his piece and it’s proven itself priceless countless times.  Familiarize yourself with it and the concepts Mr. Ross outlines.  Then use some of the suggested points, as appropriate.

Two significant points one or more people might want to make to the City Council.

1:  Naperville is home to two large gun shops.  Law Weapons and Shoot Point Blank.  How long do they believe those places will remain open if they cannot sell America’s favorite rifle, and the magazines that feed the bulk of guns sold today?  They might want gun shops to close in their city, but that doesn’t improve the quality of life, instead it merely cuts the city’s tax base as residents shop elsewhere.

2.  How much money is Naperville wanting to budget to pay the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action’s attorneys?  Chicago has paid the NRA-ILA over $2 million after losing lawsuits.  And after the Bruen decision, regulating the sale of guns protected by the Second Amendment is a sure loser under Bruen.  In fact, it’s unconstitutional under another case from not even ten years ago out of Chicago.  “The right to keep and bear arms includes the right to purchase lawful firearms, magazines and ammunition.”  Psst:  Under Ezell, it also includes allowing a place to practice shooting as well.

One thought on “LET’S SHOW UP: Naperville Considers Ban on transfers of America’s Favorite Rifle & Other Semi-autos, along with standard cap magazines… Meeting Tuesday. PLEASE ATTEND!”
  1. The Democrats and their RINO puppets are working to undermine the Values, Traditions and Faith of our nation.

    It is not an Accident, it is by Design.

    If you are able to attend these types of meetings, PLEASE DO SO.

    (Suggestion wear a Suit and tie )

    Thank You

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