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In another fabulous piece of passive/aggressive gun control, the Pres, ole Joe Two Wheeler, has passed the word down to the Army who controls contracts for Lake City Ammunition they would like civilian sales to stop-and stop now regarding Green Tip 855 ammunition.

Lake City is known as the Government standard for ammunition and civilian sales of 855 Green Tip is something like 30% of that ammo run.

Remember couple months back the same administration used some import control laws to block import of all Russian ammunition? That was well before the Putin Ukraine Annex got going. More gun control more often. Remember Biden/ATF announcing new rules banning future unregistered build at home “Ghost Guns” couple months ago too?

This week the Senate is claiming they have a bi-partisan gun control bill softer than the House bill and think it can run through before they go on summer vacation next week. Well, in the shadow of this moderate measure, the President is now supposedly reaching out individual governors to pressure them into bringing more drastic gun control laws…you know never waste a good dramatic political moment.

Biden is of course being run by other string pullers, and their anti-gun agenda is bigger and more out front than probably any time in recorded history. With elections up again in November the Second Amendment candidates are going to be more important than ever.

We Are Coming To Take Away Your Guns - YouTube

One thought on “White House Trying to Get Army to Stop Allowing Lake City Ammo Green Tip M855 5.56mm to Commercial Sales.”
  1. The picture says it all! [we are coming to take away your guns]

    The Patriot Community has been warning since the passage of the 68 GCA and the FOID card, that the Final Goal, was Disarming the people.

    Today, do to the Policies of the Democrat party and their RINO puppets, our country is on the verge of a major economic and social collapse.

    The people that are stock piling food, gardening and Medical supplies (think trauma) and Building a 5-10 Program, will have the best chance to survive.

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