by John Boch
GSL Executive Director

Oh, the joys of the stomach virus going around.  It’s put a lot of normal stuff on hold and had the washing machine going round-the-clock.

The Illinois General Assembly update
The General Assembly returns for the fall veto session as this issue goes to press. The gun control folks are pimping a bill to ban the possession or manufacture of homemade firearms (aka “ghost guns”).

State Sen. Jacqueline Collins filed the bill – as if banning work (to mill out a receiver) will somehow reduce violent crime and save lives. After all, it takes hours of delicate, painstaking work to make a homebrew gun.

In fact, the same Senator Collins (D-Chicago) proudly sponsored the “police reform bill” in last session, otherwise known as the “No Cash Bail” law. She hasn’t said a peep about the fact that one third of known murder assailants in Chicago were out on “affordable bail” for previous serious felony arrests. But somehow homemade guns are our biggest threat to public safety and eliminating cash bail for repeat felony arrests is not a problem in her mind.

Is it any wonder why the bodies keep piling up in Murder City USA? Only for the clueless, or firm believers in keeping people on the gun control plantation.

GSL’s John Boch.

Federal Update.
Dems in Washington are completely consumed with trying to increase the national debt ceiling and to pass trillions in new spending. There’s precious little oxygen in the room for anything else.

Meanwhile Senator Dick Durbin introduced a bill to bring the Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act regulations to gun dealers nationwide. It’s just one of those red meat bills for Durbin’s base with a 0% chance of passing.

We’re awaiting the Illinois Supreme Court to release a pair of decisions in two of GSL’s court actions. First on our case challenging the Cook County Gun and Ammo Tax, and also Deerfield’s appeal of our part win, part loss lawsuit challenging their gun and magazine ordinance.

Your memberships and donations help make these court actions possible. If you’re not a member, I’d encourage you not only to join, but sign up a like-minded friend for just $20 more to help us grow stronger.

This past month, the Cook County Forest Preserve gun ban was struck down in federal court. While that might not impact you personally, it opens the door to us filing other suits to whittle down the number of prohibited locations in our state.

The Illinois State Police
Turning to the State Police, they’ve implemented new security measures which should allow the little people to complete their applications for FOIDs, carry licenses and renewals without calling the Firearms Service Bureau.

Now, applicants will have to enter the “DD” number on the bottom of their Driver’s License or State ID. This is to confirm the applicant has physical possession of their ID.

About that the COVID extension… The latest emergency rule release has reduced that window from 18 months after the COVID emergency ends down to six months. FOID and CCW holders needing renewals can wait to initiate their renewal until six months after the end of the emergency and still remain valid. So don’t panic if you’re struggling. Frankly, I don’t see our pissant potentate governor relinquishing his power any sooner than he absolutely has to.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s protective detail is a total clown show. Can you imagine a Secret Service agent, on duty, robbed of his or her sidearm? I can’t either. But not only did a cop with the Cook County Forest Preserve surrender his pistol without firing a shot, but the department then almost succeeded at covering it up. They also tried to sweep another story of a man shot trying to carjack a Cook County Forest Preserve Police SUV that was part of Preckwinkle’s protective detail.

In civilized jurisdictions, police chiefs tell their cops that if they quit chasing a suspect, they had better be out of gas. And if they surrender their sidearms, it better be after they have exhausted their ammunition. But not in Lightfoot’s Murder City USA. The clowns really are leading the clown show right off the cliff and into the lake.

Vaccine Mandates.
Huh? What’s that got to do with guns?

Well, a third to a half of Chicago police officers aren’t vaccinated and the mayor’s threatening to terminate them. What happens when Chicago has a third fewer cops on the streets?

Yeah, Ray Charles could draw that picture. Got gun? You better. Because the bad guys will have even less to fear from the police and Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx.

But that’s not all. If the vaccine mandates continue, they will also impact response times for firefighters and ambulances in your town too. If doctors, nurses and medical techs are also terminated for failing to take the clot shot, that will impact the availability of non-emergency healthcare for you and me both.

Private sector employers may also start firing staff, further exacerbating supply shortages – including things like food and medicine.

Get prepared. Stay prepared and stay safe while you still can.