by John Boch
GSL Executive Director
(Originally published in mid-September 2021)
You’ve probably read by now that our pissant potentate President Joe Biden banned the importation of Russian-made ammo, firearms and the like. Allegedly Slow Joe took this action to penalize the Russians, but in reality, we all know Biden acted to strip America’s good guy gun owners of the 800M rounds of Russkie ammo imported each year.

With the move, we can tell that nobody in our pissant potentate president’s circle of advisors ever belonged to Mensa. In fact, they probably don’t know Mensa from menstruation.

Because if any of Biden’s handlers belonged to the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, they would know the Russians are simply going to ship those cartridges to someplace like Serbia (or not), slip them into freshly printed cardboard boxes that say “packaged in Serbia” and then send it to America.

800 million rounds of ammo works out to about 800 semi trailers chock full of precious ammo.

President Obama was right when he cautioned us to “don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

Effing things up…
Illinois still has a few concealed carry instructors who work harder to cut corners than provide good training in our state’s reviled but state-mandated concealed carry classes.

Investigators are looking into courses where students shoot the qualification with airsoft guns, online “Zoom” classes and instructors who count hours of watching other people shoot their qualification one after another as “gun handling.”

Folks, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is just that.

All told, there are going to be THOUSANDS of CCW license holders receiving ‘revocation pending’ letters in the coming weeks as these instructors are revoked. These people are likely going to be angry at these ethically-challenged instructors. Yes, the Illinois State Police may be slow in their investigations, but they’re pretty thorough.

Doing it right…
Speaking of the Illinois State Police… I’ve hammered them pretty hard over their recent screw-ups. I even gave them some national publicity at The Truth About Guns over the data breach of their gun licensing website server.

However, they have rolled out a new processing procedure for FOID cards and carry licenses and it actually works well.

We don’t like the concept of FOID cards (hence our lawsuit challenging its constitutionality), but the new system works well. New FOID applications (both first-time and renewals) should easily be completed within a couple of weeks now if all the information matches up. CCW applications should also come much more expeditiously.

The bad news: If you’re one of those folks who applied a year ago for your FOID, you are likely within the purgatory of the old system. Your renewal will have to be hand-processed under the old system. The good news is those will be done by Christmas. If all goes well.

The other bad news involves the website: It’s still got a lot of problems, many of which can block applicants from completing their application.

What is it with the political leadership in Chicago? Why are they stuck on stupid? As if Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t already a mental lightweight, she touted a new program to file lawsuits against violent street gang members. Why? To “take their assets.”

LOL! That’s like San Francisco suing homeless people for crapping on the sidewalks. Because gang members, like homeless people, are awash in assets.

Who elects these village idiots?

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  1. My wife applied for her renewal in April 2020, she has yet to receive her renewal. We went to our State Representatives office today to try to find out where she stands in the system, but the website was down. Surprise surprise I know the State put out a letter saying even though her FOID card was expired it was still good. Unfortunately some of the big box stores didn’t get the same letter.. I had her attempt to buy ammo, when available, and she was refused, saying her card was expired. I was able to buy on my card, but mine will expire on November 1. May have an out of state deer hunter buy my ammunition for me until one of the two of us gets our new card.

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