This past weekend marked both the new federal holiday of Juneteenth as well as Father’s Day.  Chicago gang bangers showed their usual reverence for the wellbeing of their fellow man by murdering nine and maiming 49 additional souls. That includes a couple who was attacked on camera as they returned from a Puerto Rican People’s Day parade.

HeyJackass as the official numbers of the carnage. The City of Chicago’s sources like to exclude areas of the city where the local constabulary don’t have jurisdiction – such as the Interstates, colleges and other venues. Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues shuck and jive to avoid taking responsibility for the dead on her watch by continuing this practice.

Don’t think the mayor does nothing substantive to quell the rampant, out-of-control gang violence in her city.  No, she is on it!  “Groot” as she’s affectionately known as declared that racism is a public health crisis in the city, one that’s “literally killing us.” Really.

From CBS Chicago:

Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday declared systemic racism a public health crisis in Chicago, saying disparities in access to effective and affordable health care, the impact of racism on the mental health of people of color, and the subsequent difference in life expectancy “is literally killing us.”

“At almost every point in our city’s history, sadly, racism has taken a devastating toll on the health and well-being of our residents of color, and particularly those who are Black,” Lightfoot said. “Without formally acknowledging this history and reality, and the continuing impact of that infamous legacy, looking at the root causes of today’s challenges, we will never be able to move forward as a city and fully provide our communities with the resources that we need to live happy, vibrant, and fulfilled lives.”

No doubt Groot is doing hard work to quell the mayhem in Murder City USA.  After all, she casts an approving eye towards the virtue signaling to the to the trans and gay communities.

We must have missed the day when they showed their support for gun owners.

Anyway, back to the mayhem.

Screencap from

Chicago’s gang culture tallied eight killed and 49 wounded. Here’s a newsflash: not a one of the perps had a Firearms Owner’s ID card or a concealed carry license.

It included a couple ambushed by three black males as they headed home from the Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

A man was killed, and a woman was critically wounded in a shooting Saturday night in Humboldt Park on the Northwest Side.

About 9:15 p.m., the man and woman, 24 and 25, were in the 3200 block of West Division Street, when they were ambushed by up to three males who fired shots at them, Chicago police said.

The man, Gyovanny Arzuaga, was rushed to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

The woman was struck in the neck and rushed to Stroger Hospital in critical condition, police said.

A memorial for Arzuaga was erected Sunday just feet from where the 24-year-old father of two was shot dead in Humboldt Park a day earlier.

A black poster board with messages like “Happy Father’s Day” and “RIP Gyo” was taped to a post. Loved ones lit candles and left balloons and bouquets of flowers for Arzuaga, who was with a woman Saturday at Chicago’s annual Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade before they were attacked.

“He was just there to have a good time and go back home,” said his friend, Jae Pacheco, who had planned to meet up with him later in the evening.

Video of the perps shooting the couple went viral on the internet, showing the brutality of some of the most feral members of Chicago’s violent criminal class.