GSL Executive Director Report
From the December 2020 issue of GunNews

2020. It’s a year we’ll all remember for the rest of our lives for many reasons.

COVID, a bitterly contested election that ended in fraud, widespread riots nationwide, a loss of freedom including big tech censorship… what else could go wrong?

First the good news. The Illinois General Assembly fall veto session has effectively be cancelled. Tentatively. Because when it comes to legislating, the corruption-free state of Illinois runs by the seat of the pants.

Speaking of corruption, you and I could be standing in the shoes of Michael Madigan. In addition to the normal pressures from all sides, he’s got a platoon of federal investigators giving Madigan a procto exam even more intensive than the one his colonoscopy doc gives him. And pretty much everyone expects an indictment any day now. Perhaps little Mike is hoping for a Biden administration to call off the dogs.

Yes, the Biden Administration.

The prosperous woman hasn’t even started warming up yet in certifying the results of this election. This despite the fervent wishes the China, the Deep State and the mainstream legacy media.

Obviously people in my circle of friends aren’t the only ones concerned about the potential for civil war in America. 72% of Americans share those concerns. Over half of them have already started preparing.

And frankly, this election and the obvious fraud disenfranchising over 72 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump’s re-election move us all one big step closer to Civil War 2.0.

Donald Trump winning re-election is our best hope for holding off gun control measures over the next four years. President DJT might not ever get nominated for sainthood, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won’t hesitate to enact as much freedom-robbing gun control as they can get away with without triggering a Civil War.

Failing Trump’s efforts to invalidate the fraudulent votes, Joe Biden will become America’s 46th President. Obviously with his limited cognitive abilities, he won’t be calling the shots. Neither will Kamala Harris who was arguably the least popular Democrat in the field of two dozen who ran for the Democrat nomination.

Harris considered herself a top tier candidate, but she left the race early due to lack of support, enthusiasm and money. Revisiting Joe Biden’s mental decline coupled with Hunter Biden’s corruption deals will mean Kamala will become America’s 47th President next year as well.

Our freedoms when it comes to guns will remain under siege as long as Biden-Harris occupy the Executive Branch.

Nancy Pelosi, assuming she holds onto the gavel as the Speaker of the House, will only have a couple of seat majority there. If a couple of Democrats are unable to attend because of illness, votes will become tricky if Republicans remain unified.

In the US Senate, it looks like Republicans will capture about 51 seats, potentially thwarting efforts to pack the Supreme Court and add additional states which would effectively pack the US Senate as well.

For ten years or so, gun owners have not have to fight at the national level to push back on gun control schemes to protect our freedoms. With a Harris-Biden administration, look for that to change and not just legislatively.

Harris-Biden will use executive orders and administrative rule-making to snipe at our gun freedoms without needing to pass legislation. Clearly we will need to bring our A-game to lobbying for our rights and pushing back against gun control efforts.

Even if politics isn’t your thing, you should to take an interest. Because political hacks will take an interest in your rights if you don’t protect them. It’s easier to blame gun owners for crime that to address the generational failings in urban areas that nurture a no-snitch culture and romanticize violence and crime.

Unless Biden’s handlers pack the US Supreme Court, we still have the rule of law on our side. At least for now.

We will fight the gun grabbing Leftists with every fiber of our beings. And unlike those who would take your guns and other rights, promoting freedom and liberty are noble causes that bring us together.