With excited anticipation, we announced not one, but two meetings coming this week.  Come join us and use your First Amendment Rights to celebrate, protect and defend our Second Amendment rights at GSL meetings!


Rantoul Tuesday

On Tuesday, at the Knights of Columbus in Rantoul, we will meet.  Doors will open around 6pm.  There will be no food served, so eat at home or grab a bite to eat from a local establishment before you drive over.

The main speaker will be a very talented long-range precision shooter who will talk about strategies for custom loading rounds for high-precision work.   Feel free to ask questions about how an average person can become good enough to score similar performance.  It’s not all equipment, folks.

How high precision?  High enough to hit a B-27 target at 1000 yards on the first shot and every shot thereafter.   Next year, he’s contemplating a class that will engage at 1760 yards.  If you don’t recognize the significance of that number, go to and search 1760 yards.

Tech time will be cap and ball revolvers.  Bring yours if you have one or more.

The gun?  We’ll give away a Taurus Model 66 4″ revolver.   (I think it’s a .357, but it might be a .38 Special.)  Although Taurus will deny this, it’s effectively a copy of a S&W K-frame.   I’ve dry fired it at it has a better trigger than a factory S&W product.

It will make a splendid home defense piece for someone new to shooting handguns or someone who isn’t going to practice.  And frankly, with a inside-the-waistband holster, it will make a full-size carry piece. 

And if I remember, I’ll throw in a box of hollow-point defensive ammo to the winner.  Because, as we know, defensive ammo is unobtainium right now.  Or it’s priced in the stratosphere.


Charleston Thursday.

ON Thursday evening, we’ll meet at the Unique Banquet Center in Charleston.   Venue will open at 5:00 or so.   The program will begin at 7pm.  Out before 9.

Come hungry.  

Our main speaker will be Dave Randolph and he’ll talk about precision air rifle.  How precise?  One-hole groups at 10 yards precise.  While shooting at a bullseye that’s about the size of the period following this sentence.  

Tech time:  The utility of the revolver.  John Boch will discuss the proven history of revolvers.  Even though they’ve been around almost 150 years, they still offer excellent protection and simplicity of use.  They’re also versatile, too. 

The gun?  Could that be a REVOLVER?  

Indeed!  We’ll give away a Smith & Wesson M&P .38 Special with a Crimson Trace Laser grips, tactical flashlight and a blade.

That’s a pretty sweet deal, folks.  $5 per ticket or 5 for $20.