Have you decided that you would like to join the ranks of people licensed to carry in Illinois?  Have options beats relying on luck to avoid violent criminals. And we have seen how criminals aren’t practicing social distancing or staying at home during this COVID-19 pandemic of sorts.

And a gun in your pocket beats a safe full of guns at home when the bad guy picks you as their next victim.

Firearms Training For Everyone

 “I came into the course nervous and a little uncomfortable. I came out of it confident in my ability to use my gun to protect my family and with the knowledge of how and when to do so.”

Train with the people you know and trust:  GSL Defense Training.

We have a number of available spots for our Essential Carry Illinois concealed carry course coming up June 13 & 14th (now full – but new class date…) June 27th & 28th at the DeWitt County Sportsman’s Club near Clinton, IL.  This course satisfies the Illinois State Police training requirement for a concealed carry license in Illinois.  Tuition is just $150 for the information-packed two-day class…  and bring a friend and share the savings of the second person for just $75 more.

SPECIAL NOTE:  We will be holding this class while taking measures to remain as safe from the spread of the coronavirus as possible where practical. 

FOR THOSE NEEDING RENEWALS:  On Sunday afternoon, June 14th, we will host a 3.5 hour renewal class necessary for renewing your carry license.  Tuition on this will be $25 for GSL members and $40 for all others.

Sign up today!

To register, download the registration form here and mail in, or email John Boch at jboch@gunssavelife.com to reserve your slot.  Come take our class and see first-hand why people rave over the course content and our instructors.

State Requirements…  you might as well learn as much as possible, right?

The State of Illinois requires 16 hours of classwork for most folks to apply for a concealed carry license.  You might as well maximize your learning and skills development with a top-notch course if you’re going to set aside a weekend of your life for CCW training.  Why take a 30-round, minimalist class taught  from Power Point slides (oftentimes just someone reading Power Point slides aloud) when you can learn from a whole team of experienced instructors who make learning fun and exciting?  Learn legal considerations from real lawyers.  Learn good tactics and technique from experienced trainers passionate about firearm self-defense and the Second Amendment.

We shoot about 250 rounds in our concealed carry class to develop new skill sets and reinforce the fundamentals.  How many rounds did your friends shoot at their class?

Here’s more details:

GSL Defense Training’s Essential Carry  (16-hour)

Learn safe defensive gun handling skills
Whether you’re a new gun owner or an experienced shooter, GSL Defense Training can help.  Our emphasis is on  building the skills and mindset to use your handgun safely and effectively.  We want you to stay safe!

Our nearly 20 expert, extensively-trained instructors, both male and female, bring diverse backgrounds and  experiences to your benefit.  They’ll give you a broad, solid foundation so that you can confidently use your firearm for recreation or to defend yourself and your family.  GSL Defense Training is also one of the few companies that excels at working with people with disabilities.  With practiced lawyers presenting lethal force discussions, you can get answers to your legal questions and clarification of the laws.

Over the past 20-plus years, we’ve trained well over 3000 people to shoot and carry firearms safely and efficiently.  Our classes are for anyone who wants to feel safe at home or out and about in public.


GSL Defense Training’s Essential Carry  (IL CCW 16-hour)

* The NRA gun safety rules
* How to avoid becoming a victim
* Gun ownership laws

* Strategies for home safety
* Defensive shooting tactics
* Gun cleaning

* Safe storage of firearms
* Use of firearms responsibly, ethically & legally and more    

All the while we don’t take ourselves too seriously.cleaning600

Completion of this class satisfies the concealed carry license requirements for Illinois, Iowa, Florida, Arizona and other states.  Application packets for many of these licenses are provided at no charge.  GSL-DT Essential Carry graduates will received the Illinois State Police Concealed Carry Firearm Training Certificate necessary to apply for an Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry License.

The highest quality training at a value price.

Training days with GSL Defense Training include:

  • High instructor to student ratios (lots of individual attention)
  • A safe, effective and enjoyable training environment
  • No Range fees
  • Practice firing of approximately 250 rounds to learn new skills
  • LOANER FIREARMS if needed (a wide array to choose from at no charge)
  • Safety equipment as needed
  • Light snacks and drinks both days
  • Extensive bonus GSL Defense Training materials
  • No Power Point slides
  • Real lawyers teaching legal considerations
  • Experienced instructors who will help you gain new skills, refine old skills and gain confidence.

A Firearms Owner ID card (FOID) is recommended, but not required.  We love helping novice shooters!

Tuition: $150/person or buy one, get one half-price (or 2 people for $225.  Bring your friend/spouse/family member!)  Registration includes drinks, range fees, safety equipment (as needed) and a student packet of materials.

Loaner firearms are available at no charge on a limited basis.

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    1. I am familiar with this class, good guys, good instruction, good times. Very adept at handling new shooters. Took my wife and she had a great time, she never knew she could shoot so well. We shot a bunch more than I expected and had a great weekend. Sign up!

  1. Do you think there will be a later renew option available this year? I have some personal issues going on that will probably get in the way of the June date

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