Good ol’ JB “Judgement: Bad” Pritzker won life’s lottery, born into a silver spoon in his mouth.  While he inherited great wealth through his ancestor’s hard work, he didn’t inherit great decision-making skills.

For instance, in the middle of a purported pandemic, he complained that some Illinois medical facilities didn’t have enough masks, gloves, respirators and other medical equipment.

And because the State of Illinois failed to maintain adequate stocks of emergency supplies (because it had other priorities, like providing scholarships for illegal aliens), Governor Pritzker went to the feds and asked for help.

Unfortunately, Pritzker’s buddy Barack Obama drained the national stockpiles medical gear and didn’t replenish it.  Priorities, you know.

So what did Governor “Judgement: Bad” Pritzker do?  He spent $1.7 million of your tax money to hire two cargo jets to fly to China on a secret mission to bring back gloves and medical N95 masks.


The Center Square has the secret flight story:

(The Center Square) – Gov. J.B. Pritzker defended his decision Wednesday to arrange for two charter flights to transport millions of masks and gloves from China to Illinois to bolster the state’s limited supply of personal protective equipment as it responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The flights, which cost about $1.7 million, were listed in a new state comptroller portal that tracks state spending on the public health crisis.

Details of the fights are being kept secret out of fear President Donald Trump’s administration might seize the cargo, Pritzker said.

“It is true that the federal government seems to be interrupting supplies that are being sent elsewhere in the nation, so I wanted to make sure we received what we ordered,” the governor said Wednesday.

State officials arranged the flights to Shanghai with FedEx Trade Networks. Records show the state prepaid $888,275 for each flight, according to the comptroller’s website.

Good old “Judgement: Bad” Pritzker worried that the Trump administration would get wind of it and seize the masks.

What Pritzker didn’t know was that the masks he purchased were the faulty, Chinese-made knock-offs of the venerable 3M N95 masks.  The Chi-coms called their masks the KN-95s.

And they suck.

They suck so much that a number of states have recalled them.  And even the Illinois Department of Public Health advised health care providers that the KN95 masks “may not meet performance standards.”  That’s bureaucratic-speak for “they suck.”

But if the Land o’ Lincoln’s governor had talked with the feds about it, he might have learned the truth about defective KN95s and saved Illinois’ beleaguered taxpayers almost $20 million.  From WGNTV:

CHICAGO — Millions of masks purchased by the State of Illinois from China may not be useable by those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, after multiple states recalled similar equipment Thursday.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has been scouring the world for gowns, gloves and masks to protect medical workers and first responders across the state from COVID-19.

That includes many KN95 masks bought from China, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said earlier this month was an acceptable alternative to the United States approved N95 masks. State spending records reveal Illinois has already spent nearly $17 million buying the KN95 masks.

But now, officials in Missouri are recalling thousands of KN95 masks after testing by the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services over the weekend found some did not meet their standards, according to director Sandy Kartsen.

An alert from the Illinois Department of Public Health followed, saying the KN95 masks may not meet performance standards and counterfeit masks are “flooding the marketplace.”

Clearly, JB Pritzker used poor judgement trying to go around the experts at the federal level.  He spent almost $20 million dollars on defective masks in an effort to one-up the President.

Funny how this story has gotten little play on the mainstream media news reports.  But these same Democrat operatives with bylines in the mainstream media have all covered the fake new “story” that Trump said to inject Lysol into people to cure them of the Chinese virus.

And then there’s Pritzker’s heavy dependence on faulty Coronavirus health models.  The so-called experts’ models have not proved correct even one time throughout this ordeal.

But in JB Pritzker’s faulty judgement, we must use these defective models to justify issuing orders to keep businesses closed and citizens stripped of their rights.

If we can’t trust Governor Pritzker’s faulty judgement on these issues, what can we trust him to get right?

5 thoughts on “CAN WE TRUST GOV. PRITZKER’S JUDGEMENT? JB ‘Judgement: Bad’ Pritzker shows poor decision-making in face of emergency”
  1. Twenty million is probably nothing for JB the Hutt.
    He probably spends that much on a midnight snack.

    1. BUT: just like most “progressives” the phat phuk did not, will not, use his own massive fortune for the lowly citizens of Ill-anoy, NOTICE: as above: “The flights, which cost about $1.7 million, were listed in a new state comptroller portal that tracks state spending on the public health crisis”, meaning the funds came from the taxpayers, whether national or state.

      You know ol’ Jabba the Hutt, the phat phuk, is taking his salary as governor unlike Rouner who either refused his salary or donated it to charity. Remember how Rouner rebuilt the governor’s mansion and the buildings on the state fair grounds? I think some of his salary went to those projects.

  2. And: NO we cannot trust the libby-prog’s judgment or anything about him.
    Anybody remember a little thing called ACA, or Obumble (doesn’t) Care, “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it”? the excessive taxes on all “medical equipment” because of that farce? THAT is why most of our “medical equipment” is being “made in China” HOME of the Wuhan virus and home of a government that has financial difficulties from tariffs imposed to make a more equal trade relationship. Ya think maybe the Communist Wuhan Flu might be retaliation to the rest of the world, especially USA? (cue: Rod Sterling’s Twilight Zone music)

  3. What do you expect? Other than dreaming up ridiculous cases of fraud the incompetent clown has never had a job in his life.

  4. The Fatty A-wipe probably bought contaminated masks.

    How many people know that China was sending tainted test kits to the USA and other countries?

    Even some of the Kits by our own CDC are flawed.

    That’s right, the test kits didn’t work, they gave false responses; other test kits gave the person being tested the virus.

    Its actually been admitted to by our own government. Even the CDC admits problems with the test kits

    Don’t believe it? do a search for yourselves

    How many people know that Obama funded the Wuhan lab and even gave the Chinese the virus in the first place.

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