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ritain’s Prince Harry chose to marry a dyed in the wool social justice warrior in actress Meghan Markle. After their marriage and the birth of their first child, she convinced him to relinquish his life as a royal. Now with the couple in Los Angeles, it looks like he’ll be giving up hunting and shooting as well.

Markle, the divorcee, C-list actress but now Duchess of Sussex, has managed to alienate the Prince from his grandmother Queen Elizabeth. So much so that the Queen forbade Meghan and Harry from using the “Sussex Royals” trade name they’d (well, Meghan mostly, no doubt) planned to commercialize.

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After the Megxit blowup, Meghan also famously said she would never move back to America so long as President Donald Trump lived in the White House.

Yet just a few weeks later, what do you know? The two now reside in L.A.  Classic “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy, right?

Incredibly, they expected the US government to foot the bill for their security detail. President Trump, however, quashed that talk.  Very publicly, too.

Little Miss Suddenly Self-Important Meghan’s desire for armed bodyguards one more time highlights her epic hypocrisy.  Markle opposes guns and hunting, but she wants armed good guys as her bodyguards. How typical.

Now, though, she wants her Prince to give up two things he loves; hunting and shooting.

Prince Harry in Afghanistan with one of those icky guns.  AP photo.

From Yahoo News:

Prince Harry will probably stop hunting and shooting because his wife Meghan doesn’t like it, according to wildlife expert Jane Goodall.

Dr Goodall, 86, said the prince and his brother William were champions of the natural world, but indicated the Duchess of Sussex’s views could have more impact on Harry as they settle into life in Los Angeles.

Talking about the royals’ work in supporting the natural world, Dr Goodall said: “Yes, except they hunt and shoot. But I think Harry will stop because Meghan doesn’t like hunting, so I suspect that is over for him.”

Give up hunting and shooting because of his wife’s radical views? Did he surrender his testicles, too?

Clearly he did.

Poor Harry.  He’s going to be a miserable bloke all the rest of his days. At least until his children get out of high school.  Or until Meghan grows bored with a husband on a leash.

4 thoughts on “Prince Harry to give up hunting, shooting to please his SJW wife”
  1. “Pu$$y whipped again, fine mess I got myself in, tryin’ ta be a buddy, tryin’ ta make a woman my friend, pu$$y whipped again…” ala: David Allen Coe.

    WHO THE F… CARES? Every time I hear anything about the “Royals” I shut my attention off instantly! Little entitled boy mostly influenced by the women in his young life, just like many who are raised by single women, have all traded their testosterone for estrogen, many becoming trans-genders or cross-dressers to please their mommies, have little or no male influence in their formative years.

    What normal American would want them in the United States anyway? Please, go back to Canada or someplace that would appreciate your arrogance, then again, they would fit right in with the “prima-donna” hollywierd crowds, maybe California will soon fall into the ocean and rid America of the idiocy contained therein.

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