The Governor and leaders of the gun grabbers in Springfield sent ISP Director Brendan “Empty Holster” Kelly to the capitol yesterday.  His mission:  to round up a couple of Senators to vote for imposing $200 FOID cards upon Illinois residents and making them submit to fingerprints like criminals to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Well, Empty Holster Kelly failed.  For now.

News of the bill supposedly getting called was published somewhere by someone in a bit of a Freudian slip.  Director Kelly was working the Senators behind closed doors and no doubt the ‘by hook or by crook’ gun control advocates would have rather held the surprise committee hearing and subsequent Senate floor vote as a surprise to the gun rights community with little to no notice.

One reason for pushing the bill so hard now is that a number of so-called “moderate” Dems are facing primary challenges from the hard-left, AOC-left of the Democrat party.  And a vote against guns would help these incumbents fend off those primary challenges.  This, we believe, is one reason for the aggressive push ahead of the March 17th Illinois Primary.

So call your senator.  Senator Michael Hastings, a West Point alum, is on the Senate Judiciary committee and he probably needs a call in addition to your own state Senator.  If the staffer suggests your opinion doesn’t count as you don’t live in his district, tell them you live in Illinois and his service on that Senate Judiciary committee means he represents all Illinoisans in that role.

And if you’re in Senator Andy Manar’s district in south central Illinois, he DEFINITELY needs a call or two.

Tell them you shouldn’t have to fingerprint your children (or grandchildren, as applicable) like criminals for them to exercise a fundamental right.

Unsure who your senator is, or looking for a phone number?  CLICK HERE.

By the way, have you voted yet?  Vote early.  Because you might get sick or hit by a bus or something between now and March 17th.

And make plans to attend Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day on April 1st.

You saw that turnout in Virginia, right?  (See also “Never Prouder to be an American“)  Well, gun owner advocacy has spiked as gun owners nationwide have begun to wake up to the threats on our rights.  Good turnout in Virginia and other states have been DIRECTLY responsible in large part to the defeat of gun control measures in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, Florida, Connecticut, Nebraska and other states.


4 thoughts on “1966 Update. *May* be called soon.”
  1. What’s the latest info on the FOID challenge in the courts? Is it looking good for defeat of the FOID card?

  2. There used to be people making comments on this site claiming the FOID card law was bad, a tool of confiscation and should be repealed.

    i remember those people being crucified and called names like absolutist and told they were stupid.

    So tell me FOID card lovers, Hows your friendly little FOID card working out for you NOW????

    1. Thank You , Thank You , Thank You !!!!!

      There should have never of been a FOID card in the First place.

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