Motions to Concur with House Amendments 1-3 for SB 1966 just got assigned to the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee.  This is a formality that must be held prior to a vote on concurrence.

The Judiciary committee meeting has been postponed to 3:30 so they could post it for committee as late as 2:30 p.m. today.

The Illinois State Police Director Brendan “JB’s Errand Boy” Kelly has spend the morning pressing legislators to support imposing $150-200 FOID cards upon Illinois residents.

Because fingerprints are going to somehow allow ISP to round up those 30,000 revoked FOID cards that they don’t currently have.

Call your Senator.  Tell him or her to oppose fingerprints for FOID cards and SB-1966.

If you don’t know who your Senator is, here’s a link to help figure it out and a phone number to call.

Here’s another link for the Illinois State Board of Election’s Address look-up.

5 thoughts on “ALERT: Senate Judiciary Committee may hear SB-1966 – FINGERPRINTS FOR FOID bill TODAY. Vote likely to follow. CALL YOUR SENATOR.”
  1. Scott Bennett having a “town hall” meeting @ Illinois Terminal (Champaign train station) Monday March 9-2020, 5:30pm-7:30pm

    Wants it to be about high prescription drug prices.

    Andy Menar supposed to be there too.

    Questions: office at 217-355-5252. or 217-782-2507

  2. I called my state senator, the next day I rec a letter stating she doesn’t get involved with state level business, contact Jehan Gordans office,

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