Rumors of the NRA-ILA abandoning Illinois are greatly exaggerated.  Greatly exaggerated indeed.

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action maintains John Weber as the Illinois “liaison” or lobbyist.  And you can meet him and ask questions from the leaders of the gun rights fight in Illinois at the Guns Save Life meetings this week.

John Weber will appear at the Pontiac GSL meeting on Tuesday at the VFW Post 886 in Pontiac.  On Wednesday, he’ll appear at the Decatur GSL meeting at Coz’s Pizza in Mt. Zion.  And on Thursday, he will join us at the Peoria Guns Save Life meeting at Golden Corral in Peoria.

Come early, meet him and ask questions one-on-one.  Or you can ask questions during the meeting.

Keep in mind that the NRA-ILA, like the NRA Foundation, is a separate organization from the National Rifle Association itself.  The NRA’s head Wayne LaPierre and his drama has not really impacted the day-to-day operations at NRA-ILA.  Frankly, the people like John Weber at NRA-ILA are the people doing most of the work advancing and defending gun rights.

With that in mind, you can ask questions about Wayne LaPierre, but don’t expect a lot of answers or personal opinions to be expressed about the NRA’s deeply embattled leader.  Better questions will focus upon the state of our rights in Illinois and things we can do to bolster and protect our rights.

One thought on “Meet the NRA-ILA’s Illinois lobbyist at GSL meetings this week!”
  1. Remember way back, when the NRA-ILA was supporting “FIX-NICS”, doling out ideas for “Red Flag Gun Laws”, and cheering on the rest of the Washington D.C. carnival barkers for their support of the “BUMP STOCK BAN “? Ah yes, those were the splendid days of yore. Now we “fast-forward “, and the NRA-ILA isn’t part of that bad old NRA? Really? What were they doing all this time; as inquiring minds would like to know? Naw, I’m dropping the NRA, any letters she has preened herself with (ILA),and joining GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA!!!

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