At Guns Save Life, we continue to craft a multi-faceted objection to the Illinois State Police proposed rule-making relating to the new Illinois Gun Dealer Licensing Act. We need your horror stories to add to our arguments to vastly scale back the proposed regulations or to possibly block their implementation entirely.
  • Are you going to need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on upgraded cameras to satisfy the proposed rules?
  • Will your store need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on fixtures to comply with ammunition inaccessibility to customers?
  • Do you not have enough bandwidth to upload a real-time backup copy of your video surveillance to some online service?
  • Will you face data storage fees of hundreds to thousands of dollars each month to transmit and store all those ultra-high definition surveillance camera videos?

If so, we need to know about it. Send these issues to us, in writing, with supporting documentation. Verbal horror stories will not work. We need this information in writing by October 4th, so we can forward it to members of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR). Submit them to

Is your dealer aware of our effort? Share this information with them so they may join in our effort with detailed expenditures they have incurred or are estimated to incur to comply with these proposed rules.

Also, dealers, if you know any of the members of JCAR personally, or if they represent your district, yesterday would make a fine time to make contact with them and communicate the onerous, expensive compliance costs and how that will potentially financially cripple your business.

Here is a list of JCAR’s members:

Senator Don Harmon, co-chair
Senator Kimberly Lightford
Senator Tony Muñoz
Senator Sue Rezin
Senator Paul Schimpf
Senator Chuck Weaver
Rep. Tom Demmer
Rep. Michael Halpin
Rep. Frances Ann Hurley
Rep. Steven Reick
Rep. André Thapedi
Rep. Keith Wheeler, co-chair

7 thoughts on “ATTENTION IL GUN DEALERS: Send us your horror stories relating to implementation of the Gun Dealer Licensing Act”
  1. All dealers I have talked to do not understand how this works, and are afraid to participate. Administrative Law tyheory is that if someone is adversely impacted by a regulation, they will jump right in and tell the Agency. No response is interpreted to mean that the affected parties agree with the Agency. This is why agencies have so much power, they depend on our ignorance and fear to get more than they are entitled to under the law. Dealers, you need to fight this thing with every ounce of energy you can muster.

    1. Just a “little” late there big guy! 😉 The time to resist an attacker is BEFORE you find yourself face-down in the mud and Grandpa’s pocket watch stolen. WAKE UP!!!

    2. If the poor slobs only knew what JACAR stands for….right now, most of them will try to find it on a map! 😉

    3. If the poor slobs only knew what JACAR stands for….right now, most of them will try to find it on a map! 😉

  2. The gun dealer licensing bill is a perfect example of how the rule of law is nothing more than the opinion of a politician backed by the force of arms.

    Government has lost its moral authority.

    Look at the Impeachment efforts being made by the Democrat/ Bolsheviks and how they are twisting the facts to match narrative that can only be described as an abomination.

    Even Preachers are now talking about Civil war.
    Please listen. Talk of the militia starts at around the 51 minute mark

    Please understand Bill Ayers of the terrorist group, Weatherman Underground talked about how 15% of the population would have to be purged once they the Democrat/Bolsheviks took total control.

    Gun control is the first step toward their (democrat/Bolsheviks) ultimate goal of purging their opposition. (that is you and I and our families)

    Prepare accordingly.

  3. Gun owners need to do 2 things start voting for their 2A rights and stop spending money on Illinois.

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