Image via The Epoch Times.

So, with the feds snooping around Senator Marty Sandoval’s offices and home, can we add him to the other investigations among people who are very close to Speaker Michael Madigan?  How long before the US Department of Justice releases indictments of a whole bunch of key Illinois Democrats?

From The Center Square:

Federal agents searched the offices of Illinois state Sen. Martin Sandoval, marking yet another raid of a person with close ties to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, but it’s unclear if there’s any connection with other recent raids or the House Speaker.

The FBI’s Chicago office confirmed Tuesday it was conducting “authorized law enforcement activity” at the Illinois State Capitol, but it had “no further comment.”

Men in suits were seen exiting the Senate’s first-floor offices where Democratic state Sandoval’s office is located. They left with boxes and bags of documents along with a computer.

Sandoval is the senator who represents the district where Madigan’s Chicago home is located. Tuesday’s activity is the latest in a series of federal raids on the offices of people close to the longtime House Speaker. In July, federal authorities raided a former lobbyist connected to Madigan. In May, federal agents searched the home of one of Madigan’s political operatives.

No doubt there are a lot of very nervous Dems in Springfield.