We marked the seventh anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin this month. Even after George Zimmerman's acquittal, plenty of groups and people use falsehoods, propaganda and faulty narratives about what happened that night to advance their own causes. This includes people who should know better, including presidential hopeful Kamala Harris.

On that fateful night seven years ago, Zimmerman found himself on his back with Martin bashing his head against a sidewalk. Fearing that the crazed teen would kill him, Zimmerman shot his attacker once in a clear-cut case of self-defense.

Initially, police declined to pursue charges against him, but then the race-hustlers and the media got involved. Soon the frenzy surrounding the case grew to unprecedented levels. The anti-gun political left gave us a stream of propaganda, histrionics, and defamation regarding Zimmerman. The physical evidence would prove beyond a doubt that Zimmerman acted lawfully, yet some continue with the false narrative that he killed a poor, young, unarmed teenager who was destined to become a pilot.

What's more, the anti-gun media did their best to perpetuate the false narratives as well. NBC even went so far as to doctor the evidence. All in an effort to tar Zimmerman as a racist murderer in the court of public opinion.

Thankfully, the jury didn't bite on the multitude of misinformation submitted by the prosecution, and acquitted Zimmerman of all charges.

Yet, all these years later, the anti-gun left continues to use Martin's death to attack Americans' right to armed self-defense. Presidential hopeful, Democrat Kamala Harris tweeted this on the anniversary of the shooting:

"Unjustly" lost Trayvon Martin? Maybe Harris was too busy getting stoned listening to rap music to remember the facts of the case.

And then there is Moms Demand Action.

Never mind that in the real world, "stand your ground" didn't even enter into the case. It wasn't used by defense attorneys. Zimmerman's case was a classic "back against the wall" self-defense. Or, more specifically, back of the head against the sidewalk self-defense.

Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Control Safety got in on the act as well.

Indeed, prudent Americans should commit to honoring the anniversary taking our own proactive steps to protect ourselves from violent criminals like Trayvon Martin.

After all, the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

8 thoughts on “The Left still promote Trayvon Martin falsehoods seven years later”
  1. Good article. Keep writing these and exposing the lies and propaganda from the media, far left and race-bait warriors that are all anti-2A, anti-LE, anti-self-defense anti-American. All are at will liars, propagandists, etc.

    Fact: the Martin family through the attorney Crump had hired a PR firm to promote their propaganda and deceptive narrative before Zimmerman was even charged. It was all political like in Soviet Russia.

    The new propaganda and lies they are circulating currently concerns the justified shooting in Sacramento, CA., of Stephon Clark by LE.

    Trayvon Martin was a thug. My understanding is that if Martin hadn't died that night he would have been charged with aggravated battery upon Zimmerman along with a few other charges. All evidence points to Martin as the initial aggressor in this incident. On the scene of the shooting LE even found burglary tools near the bushes where Martin was hiding out in wait of Zimmerman. There is more evidence from the investigation suggesting Martin was not living the life of a altar boy but the life of a thug. Yet the propaganda is he was as innocent a newborn. Newborn what? is the question.

    Everything is a total lie. A case of the Government going after its citizens. George Zimmerman's trail was a political show trial that ruined not only Zimmerman's life but the lives of the initial investigators resulting in the death of one investigator. They don't tell you that.

    For the truth concerning this Stalinistic-type or authoritarian-type show trial that attempted to frame and railroad a fully law-abiding American citizen by the deep state commissars, go to and search George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin. Keep up the good work Guns Save Life.

    1. Do you have a link to the story about the death of the investigator? I missed that one.

    2. That was Sanford PD lead detective Chris Serino who told FBI that he was pressured into making an arrest of Zimmerman by higher ups even though he did not find sufficient evidence for an arrest. He was subsquently demoted (or tranferred) to patrol or by his own choice depending the spin you wish to accept.

      My understanding is Serino became a drug addict and overdosed recently. This view of events comes from an attorney who was somewhat involved with this case and familiar with the events and aftermath of  the Zimmerman/Martin investigation.

      There are articles on Officer Serino from various outlets you should be able to google and find. But they're all from the same media that tells the public that Trayvon Martin was an innocent lamb. But I believe Massad Ayoob's articles above will give good insight into this if you can read through the volume of information but probably not recent enough to detail Serino's demise. Ayoob covers the case well as does Andrew Branca at Legal Insurrection.

    3. If I may pose an innocent joke here.

      "Whaddya call a detective who dies of an overdose?"

      A GOOD START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    4. Yep, you guessed it!, I'd bet you're as strong as an ox. You come across about as intelligent as one. Stop sniffing your soxks, get back to your coma.

  2. Another good site where people can learn for themselves on the Government scam that is The Zimmerman Trial is at and go to "View Archives Posts", "2013", "July".

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