A 20-year-old Houston homeowner fought back as a home invasion crew stormed his home around 1am Saturday, January 19th.  After an extensive gun battle, the homeowner shot all five intruders, killing three.

Photos show a very robust crime scene, to say the least.


Defensive gun use of the day? Nah, this story merits a whole new meritorious award category: defensive gun use of the month.

The situation went down in the 7000 block of Sherman Street in Houston. A crew of five stormed a home there, with at least two armed with long guns. Moments later, the unidentified homeowner fought back, hammering the home invaders with hot lead.

The intruders retreated from the home most riki-tik. Evidence markers suggest the bad guys continued pouring fire into the home, perhaps to cover their getaway.

Gosh, why would anyone ever need more than ten rounds of ammunition (and possibly only five in Oregon?)  Or why would someone under 21 "need" one of these modern sporting rifles?

Things did not go well for the baddies though.

The brazen bandits must have skipped the class in "Leave no man behind 101" because they abandoned one of their own to bleed out on the front yard. The remaining four tried to escape in an SUV.

However, that didn't end well for the remaining members either. The driver lost control, likely from blood loss, and crashed into a pole.


Three fled from the SUV. One in the back seat made it his final resting place. Witnesses pointed towards another guy who fled the crashed SUV only to collapse after running about two blocks. He too died. Two others managed to make it to the hospital for treatment.

Click to Houston (KPRC) has the best overall report of the mayhem:

HOUSTON – Police said three men are dead and two others are in a hospital after a homeowner shot them during a possible home invasion in east Houston.

A shootout occurred just before 1 a.m. on Sherman Street near 71st Street, as the homeowner responded to five men who allegedly tried to break in, according to Houston police.

One man was left dead in front of the house, at least one wounded man took off on foot and the others left in an SUV, police said.

The car crashed into a pole nearby at Harrisburg Boulevard, where a man was found dead inside, according to police. Police say another person in the car fled, collapsed down the street on Capitol Street and later died.

ABC7, the Houston Chronicle, US News & World Report, and KHOU also had reports, each with additional bits of information.

Despite the result, it's a safe bet that Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Big Gun Control will try to use these dead criminals as three more reasons the rest of us should give up our guns. To the contrary, these criminals stand (lay?) as testament to the need for semi-automatic firearms with standard-capacity magazines for all of America's good guys and girls.

In any event, we hope the defender and his or her family can cope successfully with taking three lives in defense of their home. And secondarily, that they will remain safe from retaliation from the mopes' families and friends.

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  1. This type of crime probably didn't happen much at all that I'm aware of during the colonial/revolutionary era when America became a nation (unless you take into account seafaring Pirates and their coastal raids to pillage and plunder). Nonetheless, this is exactly why the framers of America, the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution put the Second Amendment in as an individual right (as are the other nine protections). It is not just a collective right for Armies or Militia (which is the public). The Second Amendment is an individual right for self defense, "…defending their lives and liberties;"

    "Even if it was practicable, would it be wise to disarm the good before “the wicked cease from troubling”? – John Jay

    Preclude tyranny! Fill out your Witness Slips!

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