Countyline Shooting Center and Arch Arms have put together a Machine Gun Shoot for Saturday, Jan 26th.

17870 E. 1800th Ave

Festivities begin at 9am.  Young people are welcome, while accompanied by mom or dad.

Don't worry about long johns, hats and gloves.  This one will be indoors.  Yes, it's on an indoor range so you won't freeze your little fingers and toes.

I personally recommend both ear plugs and a good set of muffs for this event.  They're asking for folks to bring their own eye- and ear-protection.  Again, pick up a pair of plugs to complement your muffs, especially with the unsuppressed M4.

They will have an UZI, MP-5, M4, M16 with a 3-round burst, suppressed.  Also an AR-9mm, a Glock 18 (yes, the full auto Glock!), and a VZ81 Scorpion.

$30 a magazine.

Questions, comments or obscene gestures should be directed to Countyline Shooting Center at 217 240-2424.