Those looking to why Chicago has turned into such a cesspool of crime need look no further than Walter Miller, 61.  Mr. Miller's chosen career field involves burglary and home invasion.  See, he likes to steal other people's stuff.  And because it's Illinois, he victimizes a bunch of people, spends a couple of years in the joint and the comes back out to repeat the cycle.  Over and over.

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Career burglar — sentenced to 371 years in prison since 1991 — now charged with burglary.  Again.

This career burglar, sentenced to a combined 371 years in prison since 1991, was released early from the penitentiary in June. Now, he’s charged with burglary again. Such are the luxuries of being a criminal in Illinois, the land of liberal sentencing practices, seemingly endless lists of sentences being served concurrently, and automatic sentencing discounts.

Walter Miller, 61, was arrested at his Irving Park home after a burglary victim identified him as the man who posed as a city government worker to access his home and then steal valuables on Dec. 18th.

Chicago police repeatedly warned North Side residents of burglars posing as city contractors or employees to access homes in November and December. Investigators are working to see if Miller is responsible for more of those crimes.

For now, Miller is charged with one felony count of burglary by false representation. Judge Stephanie Miller set his bail at $10,000.

State records show that Miller was paroled out of the Vienna Correctional Center on June 13th. He had been there since July 2008 when he pleaded guilty to home invasion and five counts of burglary. He was sentenced to six 20-year terms, but the judge allowed the sentences to be served concurrently. Instead of 120 years in prison, he was freed after serving about ten.

Until the good people of Chicago demand prosecutors and judges sentence bad guys like this career burglar to some serious hard time, Windy City residents will continue to suffer humiliation and victimization from people like Walter Miller.

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  1. Walter Miller, dressed up as a "city worker" (aka:gub-mint employee) doing the work of our elected criminal politicians, stealing from the citizens. Poor Wally probably couldn't get a "real" job with his 371 year criiminal history so he had to resort to his old "political" thievery. How much time do you think he will get this time? Another 100 years with "time served" for malicious behaviour?

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