For those Guns Save Life members and friends who cannot make the Peoria Guns Save Life meeting Thursday evening, we have an event you won't want to miss.  Senator John F. Curran (Rino-41) will hold a Town Hall meeting in Darien, IL.

Heck, he's even inviting us to come crash his party with a little truth and reality!


Give Curran your input on his votes to ban bump stocks and eliminate pre-emption of long guns (HB1467), the three-day wait for scary black guns (HB1468), stripping under 21s of their gun ownership rights (imagine if he voted to ban Jews from buying guns…  or Muslims…  or gays!) (HB-1465).  Hit him HARD on his vote to ration you to NINE firearms transfers per year and to hand you a felony if you ever lose more than one firearm transaction record and gun registration (SB-337).

Be assertive and barely civil.  Playing nice left the room when this political hack voted against your gun rights.  Repeatedly.  Rest assured the police won't be cordial or polite if they catch you selling more than nine guns in any given year or if you lose your firearm sales records in a housefire or tornado.

This guy was appointed to fill Christina Rodogno's seat, and she was a very strong A-rated Senator from that district.  John Curran has probably earned an F-rating for this election cycle from the NRA-PVF.  Although the grades haven't been formally released yet.  He might even get himself an F-minus.  Just kidding.  The NRA doesn't grant F-minuses.  Sadly.

Yeah, we found out where he stands on guns and what we found was NOT one bit reassuring to gun owners.

So come on out to Darien on Thursday evening.  Get there early to get your seat – ideally on the front row – and give him HELL!  Challenge his B.S.  Make him uncomfortable.  Let him know his votes have consequences.


Alright, you have your mission, ladies and gents.  Go forth and push back on the hoards of ignorance.  Help make gun-hating Rinosauruses an extinct species come November. 



7 thoughts on “USE THAT ANGER: Let’s crash Senator John Curran’s “Town Hall” Thursday evening”
  1. Rauner wants term limits. If we can just get Rauner re-elected maybe we can get some term limits some day 

  2. The demonrats have to be voted out or the state continues down the toilet.

  3. Off subject:

    Watching media go wild about DON getting NY Times reporter one year of phone records and his cell phone to look for source of leaks of classified information. 

    Many don't mind the taking the 2A rights away. 

  4. Time to yell is over, the time to teach the Turncoat Republicans a lesson has arrived, using our "superpower"….  NOW IT'S OUR TURN TO VOTE!!!!

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