What a day!  I made my first national television appearance this morning – and my first LIVE television appearance – on behalf of Guns Save Life.  It went well as I lambasted the Village of Deerfield for their cosmetic gun ban.  I ridiculed their gun ban as making as much sense as banning brown M&M candies because you don't like the color. 

Here's the clip.  Sorry for the autoplay.





8 thoughts on “GSL’s John Boch on Fox & Friends FIRST”
  1. Thats a good interview John. Simple, calm and straight to the point. 

    Your obviously a better man than I am because I would have been more colorful; but I don think me screaming and calling names would have helped.

    Nice work    

  2. Forgot to add; Looking at the picture, that's some serious man spreading their John. Must have driven the liberals crazy

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