Welcome to the modern age of civility from the left.  A far-left Facebook page, Milkshakes Against the Republican Party posted an encouragement for their fellow lunatic leftists to commit mass assassinations of Republicans.  And they wonder why we cling to our guns?

And that was not just a one-off.

CrazedYeah, they posted another.

There are more than a few radicals on the left that treat gun owners as a despised minority, when in reality we are no minority at all.  They act as though we are unworthy of respect or courtesy.  And we certainly are not worthy of the same constitutional rights all Americans enjoy.  They try to dehumanize us.  Why?  Because they believe we are monsters.  Like this person – Kajun Gal – at Democrat Underground (sorry, won't feed the trolls there with a link).


Given how DU staff acts so quickly to ban those with "diverse" opinions, that should speak volumes for the true character of these folks.

But I digress.  Really now…  Does the radical left really expect the right to not play by these new rules of civility?  They discard the rule of law yet expect us to still abide by it?  Do these lunatics on the liberal fringe really want a new rule allowing the dehumanization of political opponents? 

Let's be honest, these folks' delusions go far beyond Russians hiding behind every bush in America.

These radicals attack what the great majority Americans hold dearest:  their religion, their families, their freedom – and that includes their guns.

Just because these bullies come from big-city enclaves that gave us skinny jeans, helicopter parenting, participation trophies, trigger warnings and coffee cups with diversity slogans (thank you Kurt Schlichter), doesn't mean the vast majority of Americans support their increasingly violent activism.

Yeah, sooner or later, if the legitimate authorities don't take action to stop lawlessness and violence, everyday American gun owners will.  And we will do it without the political constraints law enforcement has to deal with. 

It's time for Democrat politicians to take a sincere, meaningful stand in opposition to leftist terror aimed at conservatives and gun owners.

Because if they don't today, they won’t be laughing in the days, weeks, months and years to come.  Because when you normalize incivility and the dehumanization of your political enemies, sooner or later you're going to get the same in return.

And for all of you leftie skinny-jeans wearing, latte sipping, keyboard commandos still living in your parents' basements, you're not going to like it.  

In conclusion:  the government says, "If you see something, say something." 

Please contact your local FBI office or submit a tip electronically if you have information about:

  • Possible acts of terrorism, including violence, funding, or recruitment;
  • Persons sympathetic to terrorists or terrorist organizations;
  • Suspicious activities that you believe threaten national security, especially suspicious activities that involve foreign powers or foreign organizations;
  • Computer crimes or intrusions into computer networks, particularly those associated with national security;
  • Corrupt activities in state, local, or federal governments or in law enforcement;
  • Racial or hate crimes, human trafficking (involuntary servitude or slavery), or other civil rights crimes;
  • Organized crime activities;
  • Financial crimes that involve fraud, especially corporate fraud, mortgage fraud, or other investment fraud schemes where significant dollar losses have occurred, including those impacting you or your place of work;
  • Fraud in the health care industry;
  • Persons who have committed or are planning to commit bank robbery, kidnapping, extortion, or thefts of valuable art, large interstate shipments of goods, or monetary instruments; and activities of violent gangs.

I think suborning assassination would fall under "national security threats".

Here's the direct link to the FBI Tips form.

Or contact the US Secret Service, even though they usually aren't the agency tasked with protecting Congressmen:

1100 L Street, NW, #6000
Washington, DC, 20005
Phone: 202-406-8800


Well, folks.  You see something above.  Call your local office of the FBI.  Let them know about this fellow at Milkshakes Against the Republican Party.

4 thoughts on “FLORIDA SCHOOL MASSACRE AFTERMATH: Far-Left Radicals Call for Political Assassinations”
  1. So help me understand this horrible event. The police were called to his home at least 36 times, the FBI was informed of a possible school shooting video but none of these actions are enough for an arrest or detainment?

    But we are supposed to give up our gun rights after an event?

    What was the FBI doing chasing Fake Russian Agents? 

  2. The left expects everyone to respect everyone's feelings and opinions….except for responsible and law abiding citizens who apparently deserve no credence or viability in the light of feel-good liberalism. 

    Amazing how so much of this blame gets levied upon the NRA too. It is portrayed as an evil power monger and corrupting lobby in D.C.

    It is a powerful group. Do you know why? Because it is backed and funded by millions of law abiding Americans who want to insure their Constitutionally guaranteed Rights are not snatched away. Liberals would have you believe all of those millions of NRA members were wrong. Gun owners and hunters don't try impose upon non-gun owners what they "must do" and how they must think-it is only ever he other way around.

    Cries of "We must limit guns!" are supposed to be "common sense" to this bunch. What if we said "Let's limit some speech!" or "Let's limit some Relgion"….why that would be an outrage…I mean it's Constitutionally guaranteed and all….Amend One/Amend Two.

    Good job Jboch.


  3. The only clear factor that would have changed this event is if they threatening a Democrat with a russian.

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