Base graphic courtesy Moms Demand Action.

Gun rights activists in Illinois scored a win of sorts with the prominent posting requirement for private businesses wishing to ban gun owner civil rights.

They do things bigger in Texas.  With the passage of the new open carry law in the Lone Star State, businesses will have to not only update their existing “NO GUNS” signs but will have to add a second sign if they wish to ban open carry as well!  Failure to update the signs with the new “30-07” signage means that while the business is posted, it doesn’t carry the force of law.  In essence, it’s the best of both worlds for gun owners for those improperly signed establishments:  they let the world of gun owners know they are anti-gun (and there are a LOT of gun owners in Texas), and gun owners can ignore the sign if they so choose, and carry with them the proven life-saving tools of self-defense.

Even better news:  the penalty for carrying in prohibited areas has been reduced from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class B misdemeanor for those who miss the signs and are caught carrying when they shouldn’t.

Those are big wins, as Robert Farago at The Truth About Guns says.




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