Photo via Congressman Ken Buck.

Gun laws are things that most people who hate guns don’t understand.

Then gun haters make fools of themselves spouting what they “think” is the law.

It’s embarrassing.  But do they learn?  Hardly.

Such is the case with a couple of Congressmen, Ken Buck and Trey Gowdy, who posed with an AR-15 inside the US Capitol.

Critics called the police and demanded arrests, utterly aware of the exemption for members of the US House, their agents and employees when it comes to guns in D.C.  How embarrassing, right?  Well, they are STILL trying to stir up trouble even after their sad attempt at a “gotcha” moment failed miserably.

Proving once again that sometimes you can’t fix stupid.

(Newser) – Critics of conservative GOP Rep. Ken Buck’s fondness for guns appear to have shot themselves in the foot. After the congressman tweeted a photo of himself and Rep. Trey Gowdy holding an assault rifle in his office last week, police received complaints that the AR-15 might violate Washington, DC’s strict gun laws. “We assume the DC Metropolitan Police will want to have a little chat with Rep. Buck about this,” wrote the Colorado Pols blog. Capitol police explained that Congress has exempted itself from local gun laws, and under federal law, “members of Congress may maintain firearms within the confines of their office,” the New York Daily News reports.

Buck tells the Hill that he received police permission to keep the American flag-painted rifle in his office, where it’s usually in a locked case under his Second Amendment flag. He says it’s a “beautiful, patriotic paperweight,” and close inspection of the photo “will show that the bolt carrier assembly is not in the rifle; it is in fact in Colorado.” Buck used the incident for a fundraising email yesterday, reports the Denver Post. “The actions by Anti-Gun Liberals against Trey Gowdy and me are just another attempt to strip us of our rights,” he wrote, asking for donations “to help strengthen our fight against anti-gun activists.” (In 2012, a woman was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at Gowdy.)

5 thoughts on “NOTHINGBURGER: Anti-gun folks get nowhere against people who know the law”
  1. Minus two points for having the bolt carrier assembly back in Colorado. But otherwise, good job!

  2. Minus two more points for not having at least six mags, loaded and ready for trouble.

    Nice paint job indeed.

    Those poor liberal simpletons don’t like it when reality interferes with their blissful ignorance.


  3. You can only hope that some left wing mass shooter doesn’t decide to start killing in his office and there he sits, a gun and no ammo or even a bolt..

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