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How bad is it for the “gun control” crowd in Illinois?

Well, it’s bad.

In the past couple of years, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, or Gun Ownership or whatever they are called has:

  • Lost it’s long-time director Thom Mannard, as he saw the writing on the wall and bailed for a medical non-profit.  We hope he has better luck banning cancer than he had at banning gun ownership.
  • Closed it’s Springfield office.
  • Laid off the staff of it’s Springfield office.
  • Fired/Laid off their lobbyist
  • Slashed the staff at their Chicago office
  • Laid off their Central Illinois Outreach Coordinator (what a farce that was 1 2 3 meeting notes)

And oh yeah, they lost the battle to keep Illinois the last state in America not to recognize its citizens right-to-carry.

Another gun grabber group is on hard times as well.

Really hard times that have embarrassingly ended up in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Gun Violence Prevention PAC is getting sued by a fundraising company for services rendered.

Either fundraising didn’t go well, or the Gun Violence Prevention PAC squandered the money before paying the bills.

What a mess.

Illinois State Board of Elections info on the group.

More info from Illinois Reference.


Suit: Gun control PAC failed to pay fundraising firm

(Chicago Sun-Times) – A political fundraising firm is suing a gun control political action committee, alleging the group has failed to pay more than $26,000 it has owed for several months.

Loop-based KJD Strategies filed the lawsuit against Gun Violence Prevention PAC Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court, saying the political action committee hasn’t paid the firm the $26,800 it has owed since December 2014.

5 thoughts on “DEFUNCT: Illinois Gun Violence Prevention PAC sued for non-payment”
  1. Looking at the sheets, they ended the year w/ only about $4k banked. Unless they got some more suckers to donate, they’re hurting. Can’t wait to see their 1st quarter sheet for ’15

  2. Gosh, that’s just terrible…

    Remember the Air America fiasco? They were riding high until the bills started coming in and the big leftie start-up money ran dry. Advertisers weren’t interested in paying to be on shows without listeners.

    Why do I think the same thing is set to befall Moms Demand Action/Everytown?


  3. I have little doubt that they can easily cover the bill with donations from their huge base of gr assroots supporters.

    1. They could put their picture on a coffee can and set it on the counter at the QuikStop. Please help, drop in your change.

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