Photo by Charleston, WV Gazette

If you’re in a pinch, we don’t recommend turning to armed robbery anywhere.

That goes double for pharmacies in Pinch, WV.

A bad boy thought he was going to waltz into Good Family Pharmacy and relieve them of drugs and money by threatening the lives of those inside.

Things didn’t quite work out the way the robber planned as he got plugged right out of the gate by a pharmacist armed with his own gun.  While the pharmacist was ill-trained in using his pistol, luck was on his side as he was three for three, striking the bad guy and/or his gun with each of the three shots fired.

In a very compassionate moment and at great personal risk, the pharmacist and another employee of the store provided aid to the downed bad guy until medics arrived, but the robber didn’t make it through surgery.

There is a lot to celebrate here.  First and foremost, a dangerous thug perfectly willing to kill in order to steal something that isn’t his is dead, making society in that neck of the woods safer for the good people living there.  Better still, taxpayers of WV are off the hook for supporting the scumbag for the next dozen plus years!


Pharmacist who shot robber: “Why did you make me do this?”

PINCH, W.Va. (Charleston, WV Gazette) — A Kanawha County pharmacist shot and killed a masked, would-be robber who walked into his business Wednesday morning and pulled out a gun.

Good Family Pharmacy employee Chris Monk said pharmacist Don Radcliff first attempted to “feel the guy out.” Monk said Radcliff pointed at the man, who was wearing a bandanna over his face, and was “just kind of joking with him,” saying “Are you here to rob me?”

The suspect pulled out a gun in response.

Radcliff, who had already started reaching for the gun under his white pharmacy coat, just in case, opened fire.

He fired three shots. The first hit the suspect’s chest, the second hit his gun, jamming it, and the third hit the suspect’s abdomen. One employee said the suspect was trying to shoot back during that time.