Rich Miller over at Capitol Fax was disturbed enough by a pair of armed robberies at pet stores in Springfield, IL to post about it at his heavily trafficked blog.  He wrote that he and his dog visit those locations regularly and he was rattled.

The first incident was last Friday when a pair of rocket surgeons pulled an armed robbery at the PetSmart in Springfield.  The pair approached two people in the parking lot Friday MORNING.  (Crime doesn’t just happen after midnight.)  Cops later caught the pair later in the weekend.

The second incident happened Wednesday, when a misunderstood man in his 20s on the way to turning his life around and discovering a cure for cancer, robbed the Nature Select Pet Supply store in the middle of the afternoon.  Cops are still looking for this guy.

Yes, indeed.

Bad people with evil in their hearts aren’t constrained to bad people neighborhoods.

If you have a carry license, carry your gun everyday.

If you don’t have a carry license, get one.  And carry everyday.

Denial, as Lt. Col. Grossman says, can kill you two ways:

Leaving your gun at home or in the car and getting yourself killed would be a disservice to those you love and who are counting on you for support and companionship.

Leaving your gun at home or in the car and having loved ones killed because you were helpless to stop it will kill you mentally and emotionally and would haunt you to your dying day.

3 thoughts on “CARRY YOUR GUN: Crime happens everywhere. Even the pet store.”
  1. Since IL doesn’t recognize my state, I can’t legally carry. My state isn’t one of the 3 or 4 IL will give an out of state permit to. Now what? I am in IL a lot due to work, mainly Chicago. Carrying anyway isn’t an option. I don’t need a felony on my record or some overzealous cop that decides to draw down and shoot if I move the wrong way. I read a month or so ago that a lawsuit was filed to try and fix this, but haven’t heard anything. You would think we don’t need permission slips to exercise a right, but what do I know. Plus, how much money is IL losing out on by not issuing permits to other states, especially it’s neighbor states! Stupid is as stupid does!

    1. Sue, man. Illinois discriminating against out-of-staters is CLEARLY unconstitutional. I’d sue under the First and Second Amendments, the implicit right to travel, and the DOrmant Commerce Clause.

      Find a good lawyer. If you’re a saintly dude, they’ll take that case.

      They just need a sympathetic plaintiff, not some ne’er-do-well like myself!

    2. Richard, same situation here–but I live in Illinois as a non-resident (active military).

      Hopefully the lawsuit will be successful… it was filed on behalf of 10 individual plaintiffs and 3 pro-2A organizations.

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