GSL in Chicago!


Jan 27, 2015


Guns Save Life was at the Chicago Gun Show and Outdoor Expo, spreading the word and meeting all sorts of great, pro-gun folks.

Pictured here are Wendy Boch and Jim Henry behind the table, chatting with one of the SAFER USA instructors prior to the event opening on Saturday morning.  Also present were Executive Secretary Tammy Williams and Executive Director John Boch.

Thousands and thousands of people came through and we distributed easily over 1,000 copies of GunNews and lots of additional promotional material.

Word has it Rahm heard we in town and stayed away from the event.

5 thoughts on “GSL in Chicago!”
    Now if only you could have used some “Chicago junk gun money” to pay for the booth.

    Hope we have a GSL branch up there before long.

  2. Kudos.

    Can’t wait until GSL is meeting each month in the belly of the beast!

    Good job guys and gals.


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