It’s been approved for import and now is posted at CZ-USA’s website.

When equipped with an adapter and the Sig support brace, it’s quite a little catch.  Even without the support brace, Colion Noir liked it (see video below).

Street price of under $1,000 with the support brace.

30-round magazines under $20 each.

Shoots 9mm.

Best of all?  It’s got sights!  Unlike some other turds dropping into the firearms market of late.

As Noir says early in the video:  It’s like a disgruntled former H&K employee walked into a CZ board meeting with an MP-5 and said ‘No one’s leaving until you build me an MP-5 killer.'”


10 thoughts on “DO WANT: Colion Noir highly impressed with the new CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol”
  1. Oooh! Lookie!

    Me want too.

    And no, I won’t let John B. take it on his boat, either!

  2. Oh Wendy… You asked me what I wanted for Christmas the other day.

    Sig brace.
    Ten mags.

    And a bow on top!


  3. LOL. I love this unfolding drama among jboch and the first lady.

    Psst, John: Just tell her you won it.


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