Here’s why law-abiding folks of all races are tooling up in St. Louis.

Guns, Hennessy and stupidity all on display.  Check out that muzzle control!  It’s like the Keystone Robbers.

Not safe for work.  Language.

If it gets pulled, we’ve downloaded it and have it available to watch here.
18 thoughts on “FERGUSON THUGS: “We gonna bring it to your front door””
  1. What language is that? I could understand a few words. That one guy scared me because he could hold his junk and jammer away at the same time. I think these people belong to the Loyal Sons of Obama Fraternal Organization lodge #11. I think the lodge head gangsta is the guy in the black ski mask.

    1. What language is that? I’m no linguist, but my best guess would be Ebonics? The Urban Dictionary defines Ebonics in part as “… some uneducated sounding pseudo-language whose purpose is for the most part to insult and denigrate.”

  2. Let’s see….
    One hand to hold my liquor, Check.
    One hand to hold my pants up, Check.
    One hand to hold my junk, Ummmm, someone give me a hand here?
    One hand to hold my big-assed gun with these huge bullets that can go through anything (well if I can throw them at it), Ummm, we’ll figure it out after a little more to drink.

    Wonder how many felonies we observed in that video. Felons with alcohol, firearms and all.

  3. These idiots are their own worst enemy, the POS in the reflective shirt with the Judge is an accident waiting to happen, just as he was for his mama. surprised to see the skank ho’ and the filth in the red hoodie w/ diaper over his face keeping the finger off the trigger. if the whore keeps her gun tucked in the front like that she’s going to get a stench on it that won’t wash off.

  4. Since I don’t speak ghetto, I really couldn’t make out what they were saying other than they’re going to bring something to my front door.

    I hope it’s pizza. I really like pizza.

  5. About the only thing they do is reinforce ghetto stereotypes.

    As Bill wrote, they are their own worst enemy.

    It’s not white folks holding them down. They hold themselves down with with America’s criminal culture.


  6. O’Blowme sons, every one. Gentlemen, we have the solution. Heat up this cold race war. This time we won’t be so foolish.

  7. We can only hope they attack a police station, or even a lightly armed Boy Scout Troop. It wouldn’t last very long. I would love to see their “battlefield discipline” when things really did get “real.” Maybe ISIS will see this and respond to getting called out. ISIS in the Hood. That would be worth the price of admission to watch.

    Buy a dictionary, hire a speech therapist and get an actual job. No need left for this juvenile behavior.

  8. PLEEEAAASE come to MY front door Dawg!
    Nothing would make me happier than enlightening you clowns with some well placed and well practiced shots to center mass.

    The square world has tolerated your useless games for far too long.
    Now it’s on.
    We are prepped,
    we are loaded.
    and now we are pissed off.

    Your move homey.

  9. They would probably prefer the backdoor, hiding in the shadows. Either way, it would not turn out well for these uneducated, untrained wannabe thugs.
    Remember the truck driver they dragged into the street during the LA riots? That WON’T be me.

    1. Carry Loaded, as for your comment.
      “They would probably prefer the backdoor”
      Let’s not bring their sex life into this!
      Please leave that between them and the new friends they will have in prison!!

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