Nov 4, 2014
Governor Pat Quinn, pictured above, soon to join the unemployed.

Governor Incompetence lost.



13 thoughts on “RAUNER WINS!”
  1. Looking at the county by county returns, I’d call this election a well deserved total “wipe out” for Quinn!

  2. Quinn has refused to concede, his staff is working around the clock forging ballots. Chicago polling places open until 3:00 am?

  3. Congratulations to my brothers in Illinois. You are finally seeing a light at the end of a repressive tunnel! The Dem’s got shellacked last night and they totally deserved it! Thanks to The Staff of GSL and their efforts in educating people on important issues. Keep up the great work. Your information is seen across the country, even here in Florida 🙂

  4. Has his temper tantrum waned or is he still refusing to concede?

    What a narcissistic a-hole. An Obama “serving” in the minor leagues of state politics.

    Good riddance.

    Electing Rauner puts us at least a half-step closer to the success Wisconsin has had turning things around. Quinn was running away from Wisconsin’s successes, as though more failed Democrat policies are going to turn things around.


    1. That’s a good point KK, Madigan and the cronies can shove all kinds of bad stuff threw and blame it on Quinn as he exits.

    1. From what I have seen of old “Clueless”, I think he is in a “conundrum”, between a crying tantrum, anger tantrum, and honest disbelief! He truely thought he wouldn’t lose after 4 years ago winning with only 3 counties. He thought the old democrat machine counting the ballots would never let him down.
      Unfortunately, he will never know unemployment like the people of Illinois have suffered through, some crony will give him a “job” that pays excessive salary for minimal “work”. Truth be known, he should be Blago’s cellmate for 10 years or so.

  5. Well the ignorant nut finally admitted the people of the state of Illinois don’t want that scumbag telling them what to do . I Spose he’ll turn some more prisoners loose so they can come out and murder again. But I think the real reason he wouldn’t concede is that he can’t stand rejection but hell I’ve been to Springfield 6 times. And he should have known when he saw thousands of people comin down the street He was on the wrong place…….. At least now they can start to convict that crook so he can go to
    Prison and keep company. To his predicessor. Mr. Ron blagoroovich. …….sure do hope you read all these comments on you So you know exactly how we feel about you Quinn

  6. What, They couldn’t find the car with all those ballots in the trunk?
    No wonder he lost.
    Still will not call the winner. Such a wimp!

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