by John Boch

We’ve gotten more than a few people harshly critical of Illinois’ new concealed carry law attacking us for supporting it as though we wrote it.  In reality, Michael Madigan wrote the new dysfunctional law and our choice at the time was to accept it or instead get a law written my Kwame Raoul.  We went with the Madigan plan as opposed to Raoul’s ‘may-issue in extreme circumstances’ plan.

Just a few short weeks ago, I personally was ambushed by an opponent of “duty to inform” at the Gun Rights Policy Conference.  His beef?  He believed he shouldn’t have to inform anyone except a uniformed police officer that he’s carrying and even then, his failure to inform should be a non-criminal violation.  Good luck with that, Mike.  I use that example not to denigrate Mike, but to show that short of Constitutional Carry, some people will never be happy.

Pragmatically, we did well with Illinois’ new law, compared to what we had – and what some states (read: California, Hawaii, NY) have.  Symbolically, it was a home run as Brady, Bloomberg, and all the rest of the gun control industry lost the last state in America with prohibition on carrying outside the home.

That brings us to the District of Columbia.

Courts recently ruled that their prohibition on carry outside the home was unconstitutional and gave them a short window of time to rectify the problem.

You want to know what the low-information legislators in DC came up with as an answer?

Hurdles that make Illinois’ law look wonderful by comparison.  Here are some of the details from the Washington Times (we’re NOT linking to these flaming scumbags because of auto-playing videos (plural) and their litany of ads).

* $435 application fee for individuals seeking to become DC approved firearms trainers.

* An 18-hour firearm training course (Illinois’ 16-hours is no longer the most stringent in the nation!)

* The DC Police Chief would personally sign off on each applicant, and only after a 90+ day background investigation to determine the suitability of the applicant and to verify a specific threat of death or great bodily injury.  Haven’t been beaten half to death before your application and if you manage to survive the additional terror-filled weeks of uncertainty about follow up attacks while being investigated, then you have 45 days after your application is approved to take the required training.

* $75 application fee for CCW seekers.

*  Prohibition on taking your concealed carry piece within 1000 feet of a demonstration or a public dignitary.

You know what all this means, right?

It means Alan Gura is going to clean their clocks once more in court.

In fact, the court hearing is already scheduled for November 20th.




8 thoughts on “You thought Illinois’ CCW law sucked? Try DC’s new law”
  1. DC… the only city that would elect a crackhead knowing he’s a crackhead. Did anyone expect any better from the rocket surgeons running that city?

  2. This on is cute…
    “1000 feet of a demonstration or a public dignitary”

    In DC, just how can you not be within 1000 feet of a “public dignitary”? They’re everywhere in DC.

  3. Are all public dignitaries going to wear a 2 foot rotating mirrored disco ball on their heads so we know who they are? Would “public dignitary” cover Sandra Fluke, Monica Lewinsky, or Rosie O’Donnell?
    Can my kid now legally gnaw his pop tart into the shape of a pistol and not get throwed out of school? Will my wife tolerate me buying another gun?

  4. Forgive me for asking this: Are inner city blacks really not as smart as everyone else? Or is it their culture?

    The white man hold them down? Hell naw. They hold themselves down in the people they elect.


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