We’re noticing a trend.  And so are other Americans.

Two-thirds of Americans recognize our nation is headed in the wrong direction both domestically and in foreign policy.

It’s not that all of that last third are all dumber than average.   Some of those last third are just a little slower to see what’s going on around them.

And then there are always adherents to fringe beliefs.  For instance:  those who believe that the moon landings were faked and that the CIA facilitated the crack cocaine so-called “epidemic” in the 1980s.  Or my favorite, that lizard people control our society.

Those who don’t believe our nation is headed in the wrong direction aren’t very popular with those of us who believe otherwise.

As an example, in the race for U.S. Senator in Illinois, long-time incumbent Dick Durbin’s lead has dwindled to ten points – down from 23 points a few weeks ago.  Here’s a guy with about four decades of name recognition and he’s feeling the heat from a Republican State Senator named Oberweis.  Then again, Durbin’s the guy who compared our troops in Iraq to Nazis, Russians and Pol Pot.  Durbin’s the guy who seeks not only gun registration, but also to ban America’s favorite rifle  and have the police confiscate them from your estate when you die.


Nationally, it’s a lot more prominent.

The viciously anti-gun New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as a new book out – for which he was paid a $700,000 advance.  It sold a whopping 945 copies in its first week.  945 copies.

ABC’s “The View” shook up their cast in the face of plummeting ratings, especially among key demographic groups.

They brought in Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg, stacking the show with three die-hard, anti-gun liberals to one conservative.

Guess what?

Their audience continues to evaporate.

And then there are other Democrats running scared, especially after voting for gun control after Newtown.

What gives, right?  Why are Americans changing their attitudes towards the policies and attitudes – including those promoting gun control – that are running our nation into the ground?

The alternative media!

The mainstream media is losing audience as there is a dramatic shift to Internet sources for news.  Gone are the days when Walter Cronkite could shape public attitudes by how and what he delivered as the news.

Here are a couple of great examples:  A couple of YouTube videos that will leave you chuckling at the least. Or laughing out loud.

First, a frighteningly prophetic Holiday Inn Express advertisement from 2001 that pretty much sums up the Obama regime’s incompetence handling of the Ebola outbreak.


And here’s a remix of an Obama administration version of “Shake it Off” from Reason.com. It’s good.

7 thoughts on “WAKING UP: Americans believe our nation headed in the wrong direction”
  1. That Reason.tv skit is funnier than anything EVER on saturday nite live. EVER.

    Or…………..er…………..wait a minute???????

    That ebola thing’s just a joke, right? It’s NOT ACTUALLY IN ILLINOIS RIGHT NOW, is it?

    When people start DYING here, Stephen King’s gonna seem like a prescient!

    The DARK MAN’s comin’!!!!!!!!!

  2. MSM is slowly dying so those who profit by it (ie Durbin) try and eliminate the competition by ‘licensing’ Gov’t Approved Authorized Journalists.

  3. Great! I can’t get that song out of my head! Have to admit, it is really funny and well produced! Good stuff! Thanks!

  4. LOVED the “Shake it Off” video.

    by the way: BFF? What’s that stand for.

    I’m wondering if it refers to the log ride…

    1. Acording to most “tweens” it would be “Best Friends Forever”, but with these two it is “Both Friggin’ Farces'”

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