Several of the rent-a-thug contingent employing their idea of “reasoned discourse” with a gun rights advocate outside of Chuck’s Guns in Riverdale, IL back in September 2014.  Gun control advocates are control freaks, pure and simple.

“Moms Demand SWATting” by C.W. Cooke at National Review Online discusses the alarming trend of the most rabidly anti-gun activists to threaten the lives of gun owners for merely exercising basic civil rights.

What is this threat?

If they see a gun, the gun haters will call 9-1-1 and report that someone observed carrying a gun is acting erratically and threatening people.  Police show up, guns drawn and one wrong move, the gun owner is toast.

These gun-hating bigots are scheming to let the police do their dirty work based upon their false and misleading call to authorities.

Proving once again that hatred of inanimate objects is a mental disease.

Moms Demand SWATting

A disturbing trend on the fringes of the gun-control movement
By Charles C. W. Cooke

(National Review Online) – ‘You see a GunFilth waving its penis substitute, exit, call police. Armed robbery in progress.” So wrote Twitter user “Little Black Dog” on September 13 of this year.

The injunction was a particularly colorful one, but the idea behind it, alas, is not as uncommon as one might wish. “I see you #opencarry with a gun in public,” a man named “joe villa” threatened earlier this week, “i’m calling the cops. psycho behaving erratic. make your day.” A translation for the more literate among us: “The law be damned; exercise your rights under the law and I’ll threaten your life.”

“Take a look through the comments threads on Moms Demand Action’s Facebook page,” Bearing Arms’s Bob Owens tells me, “and you’ll see a lot of this.”


Lisa McLogan Shaheen.

Lisa McLogan Shaheen, director of financial aid at “The New School”, a university in downtown New York City, wrote on Facebook: “Why hasn’t someone called 911 so the cops can gun him down?”

Joyce Ward wrote:  “Why hasn’t someone called 911 so the cops can gun him down?”

Here’s to hoping their public statements on Facebook or other social media may someday be used against them in a civil suit for damages should they indeed risk someone’s life with a malicious and false 9-1-1 report.

UPDATE:  Here’s another charmer reported by Days of Our Trailers:

Lisa, you shoot someone who obviously doesn’t need shooting in my presence, I’ll light you up right where you stand.  But I would suspect that not only are you not licensed to carry a concealed firearm, you probably don’t even own a gun.

What’s more though, is that Moms Demand Action and these other anti-gun rights groups don’t even try to police these posts, lending credence to the view that these radicals are quietly supported by the leadership of these groups.


25 thoughts on “GUN HATE: You exercise your right, they’ll threaten your life”
  1. MOMS DEMAND ACTION seems to be using the police as members
    A VERY BAD IDEA! false 911 calls harm all of us.

  2. But…isn’t the deeper, more-alarming problem the fact that cops today are over-militarized and inclined to shoot first without asking questions at all?

    When did cops get the memo that it’s okay to shoot someone who hasn’t shot at them first?

    1. A Police Officer’s duty is to protect and serve which means that if they believe that a person is an immediate threat to themselves or someone else they do have a right to shoot without being shot at first.
      This ploy would not work anyhow. Any well trained officer would respond to a call like this by looking for a maniac waving a gun around. If they do not find a maniac waving around a gun or with a gun drawn they are not going to jump out of their cars surrounding a suspect.
      If you carry openly but have your gun holstered they may stop you and ask a couple of questions and when they find you doing nothing wrong send you on your way.

    2. Why in the world would you think that it is ok for a cop to have to wait until someone shoots someone else before they can take that person down? That’s just stupid.

    3. Clearly, you’re ignorant of the law, the constitution, and self defense.

      You’ve got to be breaking a law before you can even be detained by the police. Here you are, saying that someone not breaking a law or threatening anyone should be shot and killed?

      What is the matter with you?

    4. Are you kidding me? You honestly think that’s how the cops or anyone with a gun is supposed to act? Shoot first ,ask later, right! What a ridiculous excuse for a person you are Keli. This article is about morons reporting innocent people for doing what they have the right to do, and causing major trouble. And the trouble stems from police abusing their power and doing what you, for some reason think is just what happens, and shooting an armed person regardless of the situation. I really hope that when I start to carry, that none of these idiot are ever around. I’d really hate for my daughters to have to watch their parents be held at gun point go no good reason. Or worse, be shot in front of them bc some bigot decided to be a real ass that day.

    5. NO ONE has to take a ‘first shot’ before shooting! No one. Citizen police or just citizen, one has the right to protect themselves. The threat can be anything from a failure to stop advancing when commanded to do so, to an armed robber making eye contact with you even if their gun is pointed another direction. (there are so many other examples..)

  3. The gun grabbers are losing the argument. Look for them to follow Obama’s example. When BHO couldn’t get what he wanted through congress, he became lawless. These anti-selfdefense zealots are cut from the same cloth.

  4. Moms for Rape and Murder. Now they’re openly advocating murder.

    The Rapist Moms, the hoplophobes, the gun grabbers, the Liberals, the other criminals are actively promoting rape and murder. They do this because they inhibit decent Americans from defending themselves. They don’t care about your life. They actually want you to be raped and murdered, because it feeds their sick adoration of victims.

    It is time to hold these scum personally responsible for enabling rape and murder. Make them social pariahs. Call them out and denounce them.

    Hey, Rapist Moms, how many rapes did you enable today. How many kids did you murder?

    Μολὼν λαβέ

  5. The flaw in their plan:
    They think that good guys who carry are going to act like a fool when a cop approaches. If the same person tries this a number of times with a result of nothing for the cops to act on, they will then start looking at the caller.

  6. Maybe we should start calling 911 and report a murder in progress at the local Planned Parenthood.

  7. I agree KK. Maybe they should arrest a few for calling in false reports. It would probably get thrown out of the courts but, it sure would be funny to watch the plaintiff get cuffed and stuffed. Might make them think before they did it again. I’m sorry. What was I thinking. You have to have a brain to think.

  8. Don’t these idiots know that filing a false police report is a crime? And if it gets someone killed in the process, they are in even BIGGER trouble? How stupid can you be? You would rather go to prison than see someone exercise their rights?

  9. Maybe a better way to handle this would be for the caller to have to identify him/herself, give their home address and social security number (or something along those lines to identify themselves) to the police when they make a SWATing call and the police could say something like “we have to have this information before we can act on the call in case it’s bogus and someone gets hurt. Then we will be able to hold you liable.” All the while tracing the location of the caller. That MIGHT make them rethink their tactics? Might take to long to actually put it to use, but might also be well worth it.

  10. Fight fire with fire. Find out who these moms are. Call child protective services and tell them that the mom is sexually abusing her child and doing drugs in front of her child.

  11. My gun is concealed. If you see it, I hope you do call 911, because that means I’m busy defending my life, or maybe even yours, and my hands will probably be full.

  12. The biggest cure for these false 911 calls is for 911 dispatchers to have a record of the cell # that called them as well as TO GET other info of that person while police are being dispatched! :/
    If the (gun owner) person questioned is not in violation of any criminal law, then the dispatcher should release the false callers number to the gun victim’s lawyer (via court process).
    People should advertise how to use the system to punish system “abusers”! The emergency system should never be pranked. If it is, then that person should be charged as a criminal as well as be open to legal tort by their (gun owner) victim. O.O

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