Mother Jones magazine has suggested in their most recent online edition that Moms Demand Action are the NRA’s biggest “nightmare”.

Yeah, right.

Are they talking about MDA members like the women in Texas protesting a monthly open-carry event by lewdly (but not one bit lasciviously) taking their shirts off?  Maybe they thought it was “skin to win”?

Perhaps Mother Jones referring to the Oklahoma chapter head having an order of protection filed against her last year?


And then she goes and posts a photo of her with a rifle on social media…

With that motley collection of misfits, Moms Demand Action aren’t a nightmare.

They are entertainment.

7 thoughts on “Moms Demand Action are the NRA’s “nightmare”? No, those misfits are entertainment!”
  1. Shannon is making a fortune off dummy Bloomberg and the suckers she conned into joining MDA are just props she’s using to make it look like they are relevant. I do agree with the ” moms ” on one issue though, the topless protest mom has a sign that refers to boobs as something that gives joy and comfort.

  2. LOL. Bill, you’re right about that sign about boobs.

    Unfortunately, the the “boobs” at Moms Demand Action are really less about comforting and more about stupid dunces.

    John’s right. They are entertaining, but not in a good way. Amusing, yes.


  3. Just wondering: Have they made a porn flick yet titled “Moms Demand Action”?

    Or as an alternative: Instead of “Debbie does Dallas”, maybe “Shannon does Indianapolis” instead?

    1. I started writing one(a comical faux porn) once. It was pretty funny but then I figured Bloomie would sue me so I stopped.

  4. IF they are ever successful in destroying the 2nd admendment……………..they will do thier damndest to blame everyone but themselves………………

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